Cruelty Free, Vegan Nail Care I Love + 4 Steps and Two Weeks to Beautiful Nails

Vegan and Cruelty Free Nail Care 4 easy steps to longer, healthier nails

Recently I was listening to an interview over on The Modern Mom Lounge, a “go to” for advice on anything and everything related to the modern mom, i.e. me and most every other mom I know😍 The particular topic that evening was self care, and, let’s just say that self care is my middle name LOL! I have made it my mission to always practice as much self care as I can, and as always, it is vegan and cruelty free🐇 One of the points made was just taking a few moments every day for some hand and nail self care. I had also discovered an account on Instagram called Dani Sundays and she posted a lot of nailcare. Well, one day she posted a collaboration she did with a small brand for nail care products, and they were rose infused, so I was sold! 🌹 I started working these products into a routine, and with amazing results!

Almost every evening I have taken a few moments after everyone has gone to bed to spend some quality time self caring (a glass of wine may or may not be involved💅🍷)! My hands and nails take a beating…washing dishes, folding laundry, even paper pushing at work can cause hands and nails to become extremely dry. If I neglect my nails, I end up with dry cuticles and nails that are splitting and breaking. Keep reading to find out about my vegan and cruelty free nail care goodies, and how I have been able to grow longer, healthier nails in just two weeks!

My self care routine usually happens pretty late…the kids are in their rooms (probably not sleeping), my husband is in bed since he wakes up extra early for work and the dogs are snoring on the sofa 🐶 The dishes are done, lunches for the next day are packed, and I am ready to sit down, RELAX, and watch a little Netflix. The last few weeks I have really taken this time to amp up the beauty rituals in my self care routine, specifically for my hands and nails. I actually keep a little bundle of products handy to make it super convenient.

Start with Clean Hands & Nails

My routine begins with clean hands.  Once the dishes are done, I wash my hands and dry them thoroughly.  I like to take a nice gentle soap to lather up and wash my hands, as well as, a nail brush to get any dirt around the nail folds and from underneath.  A small soap dish with one of my favorite bars of soap from Wake the Dead Scrubs right next to my dishwashing liquid is perfect.  I also like a to go in with a hand scrub sometimes.  The one I currently use is no longer available so I am definitely looking for something to replace its spot on my sink.  Then I usually serve myself a glass of wine and settle in to watch a little television📺

Do A Little Shaping

I don’t do this every time but maybe once or twice a week, I do go in with a nail file to even my nails out and shape them neatly.  I have noticed that my nails tend to grow a bit unevenly and some nails actually grow fast than others.  I like a nail file with a fine/ultra fine grit since I find these to be gentler on the overall edges.  If  I want to shorten them more than I little, I would definitely go in with a medium grit to file them down faster and then a fine/ultra fine grit to focus on the edges carefully 💅

Never Skip This Next Step – Cuticle Oil is Magic

Cuticle oil is THE most important step in this whole process.  Without it, it’s a mediocre routine…with cuticle oil, your nail care routine just went to a whole new level of magical 😉 It’s all about the application and massage.  First, I go in and apply the cuticle oil all over the nail folds, that curve where the cuticle meets the nail.  Most cuticle oils I have seen come in a roller ball, like the Delia Organics Nail & Cuticle Oil or the French Girl Nail & Cuticle Oil, both of which are excellent.  I have also enjoyed the NCLA So Rich Vitamin-E Infused Cuticle Oil, which comes in a dropper form.  I have it in the Mermaid Tears, which is a honeysuckle and ocean breeze scent, but there are several other varieties available like Horchata, Pumpkin Spice, and even Bubbly Rose 🍹 I would also highly recommend the Dimension Nails Cuticle Oil, which is available in soy for on-the-go moisture or almond for next level moisture 🌰 Feel free to enjoy 20% off at Dimension Nails with code: crueltyfreelucy20 😘
Delia Organics Nail and Cuticle OilFrench Girl Organic Nail & Cuticle OilNCLA So Rich Vitamin E Infused Cuticle OilDimension Nails Almond Cuticle Oil
Once I have applied, I like to massage each nail and really work the cuticle oil in.  I also like to ever-so-gently, push the cuticle back so that it separates from the nail.  I feel like this actually helps the nail grow faster since it isn’t being held in place by the cuticle.  This is the game changer folks!  I also like to massage it directly into my nails since they tend to get so dry from washing dishes, folding laundry, paper pushing, etc…

Seal Everything in with Moisture Goodness

The last step of my nailcare routine is all about adding more moisture and sealing in all the work I just did with cuticle oil.  I like to go in heavy, especially if I am sipping on some wine, so my go-to is the Osea Malibu Anti-Aging Body Balm.  This stuff is magical all by itself, but paired with a beautiful cuticle oil, the results of my hands and nails speak for themselves.  If I am looking for something with a lighter formula, I also enjoy their Ocean Lotion, and if I am on-the-go, I will grab my Osea Malibu Ant-Aging Hand Cream.
Osea Malibu Anti-Aging Body BalmOsea Malibu Ocean Lotion
Osea Malibu Anti-Aging Hand Cream
Everything in the OSEA Malibu product lineup has the most amazing ingredients, and the brand’s mission and identity are something that I can totally get behind.  I have a few posts regarding Osea products…you can check these out to see some more in-depth reviews ⬇️
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I actually just came home from a baseball tournament with my son, and I received so many compliments on my nails from some of my fellow baseball moms ⚾ Let me tell you, this self care routine is perfect on-the-go during a baseball game.  I’m all about multi-tasking, so I can totally cheer and massage my cuticles all at the same time 😍 I also find myself enjoying bare nails.  While I do love what my nails look like when they have a fresh new coat of paint, I feel like keeping them bare or with a light top coat, is also contributing to keeping them healthy overall.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my vegan and cruelty free nail care!  With these 4 easy steps, you will start to see longer, healthier nails in no time…Trust me, don’t skimp on the cuticle oil 😉

Do you have your own self care routine to keeping your nails and hands looking healthy?  Let us all know in the comments 😍


Disclaimer: Please note I received these products in exchange for my  unbiased review.  My opinions are 100% my own.  Most of the links on this page are affiliate links.  This means that I earn a small commission based on any purchases you make using my links.  Thank you for visiting and supporting my page 💖

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