Beautiful, Healthy Haircare Made in Harmony with Nature From NatureLab Tokyo


Skincare is my jam.  If you’ve been a follower for any amount of time you have probably realized that😆 I have a pretty healthy collection of lotions and potions, and I love testing and trying different brands and formula combinations.  Skincare magic!  

An area of beauty that has been piquing my interest as of late though has been haircare!💁🏻‍♀️I find myself falling for different formulas for the very same reasons as I do with skincare.  I have noticed the way my hair and scalp react to different ingredients, and I find myself continuously drawn to the same elements.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a new hair care system from the brand, NatureLab Tokyo. This brand is 100% cruelty free and VERY vegan friendly 💖 Keep reading to get the scoop on their Volume Shampoo + Conditioner Duo, and learn about some of the other vegan goodies that may just become your go~to haircare products!

NatureLab Tokyo is a J Beauty brand. This Japanese beauty movement is about taking our natural actions and turning them into our daily prevention. It has a more minimalistic approach to beauty care with a focus on unique botanicals and other high quality natural ingredients.

While I am still a fan of my 50-step skincare routine (just kidding, it’s not 50 😉🤣), I can totally get behind a simple haircare routine…afterall, most of it for me happens in the shower anyways. I don’t tend to do much in terms of styling, except for once a month I do a new henna application to brighten my color and cover my gray. In the morning, I will typically brush my hair, run a tiny bit of hair oil or spray a renewing mist and wrap it up in a bun while the rest of my morning routine continues. Then, when I get to work I just undo the bun and run my fingers through it…Done!

Recently, NatureLab Tokyo reached out asking if I would like to try their products. After a bit of research, and verifying that they were in fact cruelty free, I agreed to pick out a shampoo/conditioning duo for my hair type. They are PETA-certified cruelty free, which I know is still a bit controversial in the world of cruelty free, but on October 14, 2020 it was also announced that they are now part of Ulta’s Conscious Beauty!

When I found about that, I said ok! I see you NatureLab Tokyo! Tell me more about your vegan options💚 You can easily find a list on their FAQ’s which is very convenient or you can also refer to each product’s full ingredient list on each product page.

According to their site, these are the current vegan products:


I have really been enjoying the Volume Shampoo + Conditioner, and I have a small wish list going right now! I’d love to try the Shine Duo, the Smooth Hair Oil, and the Repair Leave-In Treatment…They all sound right up my alley for a minimalistic, deliberate haircare routine✨

Photo Credit: NatureLab Tokyo

Something else I have been loving about NatureLab Tokyo is their list of unique and awesome ingredients. They are free of harsh parabens, phthalates, gluten, mineral oil, and sulfates, and full of so many good things!

Apple Stem Cells – Replenishes and maintains a balanced and healthy scalp, preventing premature hair loss

Argan Stem Cells – Stimulates hair follicles to promote growth and renewal at a cellular level for better quality hair

Bamboo Stem Cells – Strengthens hair and promotes growth by extending the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle

Exotic Oil Blend – An enhanced oil blend that includes Argan, Baobab & Marula Oils for frizz-free hair

Grape Stem Cells – A source of powerful antioxidants that reduce damage to scalp papilla cells, revitalizing and adding shine to dull hair

Hyaluronic Acid – Can absorb 1,000 times its own weight to secure moisture and add fullness to hair

Prickly Pear Oil – Rich in antioxidants, this lightweight oil shields strands from UV and free-radical damage

Quinoa – A protein- and mineral-rich grain containing all 8 essentials amino acids repairs and protects each strand for hydrated, stronger-feeling hair

Rice Protein – Builds volume, adds weightless moisture and improves the overall appearance of fine, thin hair

Sakura Extract – Also known as Cherry Blossom, this proprietary technology fosters color protection, locking in hair color brightness and increasing moisture

Soy Protein – Strengthens and restores hair’s natural thickness by reducing breakage to appear fuller and more robust

Yuzu Ceramide – Natural citrus fruit extract works to detangle, calm, and manage worn, frizzy hair

I have used products in the past with quinoa, as well as, soy protein, rice protein, and argan oil, enjoying them all quite a bit, especially quinoa. Much like with skincare, I love discovering different ingredients that work well with my hair, and I definitely enjoy learning about the ingredients themselves…the how and why they are so beneficial and amazing😉

I have experienced apple stem cells in skincare previously and it seems to have similar positive effects on the scalp, increasing vitality, repairing damaged tissue and replenishing the skin’s cells due to shedding. I was especially curious to learn about the Yuzu Ceramide and the Prickly Pear Oil. Yuzu actually helps to keep hair strong and encourage hair growth, while Prickly Pear Oil provides major nourishment due to its high content of Vitamin E, almost twice the amount found in argan oil.

So, all in all, I would definitely recommend NatureLab Tokyo if any of my readers are looking for a new hair care system to introduce into their hair care routine. They are cruelty free, vegan friendly, focus on clean ingredients and are readily available online or at a local Ulta. Tbh, the only thing I don’t like is the packaging! It is a bit bulky and doesn’t really send the message of minimalistic. I do appreciate that the bottles are refillable, but I would definitely change the odd shape that takes up unnecessary space on the shelf, and I would recommend they come up with glass bottles, rather than plastic.

I almost forgot to mention! I have a coupon code! Receive 10% off your order with CRUELTYFREELUCY10 🌎

So let me know in the comments…have you tried Naturelab Tokyo before? Let me know what you favorite product is from this J Beauty brand!

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