A Relaxing, Self Care Wellness Routine with the Mad Ritual CBD Recovery Balm

Mad Ritual CBD Recovery Balm Self Care Tips

I am all about a self care and wellness routine. You could even go so far as implying I am also a healthy dose of selfish with my self care and #metime. I’ve gotten a bit older, definitely wiser and I have learned & accepted that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others. I also believe there is a huge connection between our physical and mental well-being. The more I take care of myself physically, the better I feel mentally. I think a huge piece to that is also the intention being set when we do things like take a nice, long hot shower, or sit out in the sun for a bit to soak up some solar energy. What does that act mean to me? How do I want it to make me feel?

One of my favorite self care routines is at night. I like to lounge in the living room after the house has gone to sleep, put on whatever I’m currently binging on Netflix, put my phone away, and just take some time to bring myself to a more relaxed state before going to bed. I find that I sleep way better and wake up more refreshed when I don’t go directly from 60 to 0. I’m not even using an alarm on the regular anymore and my body is up naturally right on time.

Mad Ritual CBD Recovery Balm packaging

Most recently, I have been loving the way the Mad Ritual CBD Recovery Balm has been taking this bedtime, self care routine to the next level. They were kind enough to send over the lavender + frankincense scent, but the balm is also available in unscented and eucalyptus + peppermint. I am all about those relaxation benefits, so I was immediately drawn to lavender + frankincense. I was really happy when I opened my package and saw that was the one they selected for me. I could see the eucalyptus + peppermint be perfect for that morning, wake up and go get ’em routine, adding an extra zing to the day. The two scented options both sounded amazing to me, and I could see the unscented being something good to blend in with your own essential oils.

The texture is also quite nice. It starts off a little grainy, but it immediately starts to melt into the skin and leaves a light, yet luxurious feel. There is a perfect balance of coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil and plant wax, where the formula doesn’t feel overly greasy or heavy. The lavender + frankincense scent is there, but subtle…not a crazy overpowering level. The texture, formula and scent make it a great daily go~to. I have been playing with a few different ways to using this multi-tasking balm.

Relieving Discomfort

While this may be the obvious reason for applying the Mad Ritual CBD Recovery Balm, it really is a good one! I have certain areas of my body that just love a nice rub down at the end of the night. My shoulders, knees, elbows and my one bad ankle have really been enjoying their self care. While my bad ankle is injured beyond this balm, it really does help to alleviate pain at the end of the day. My shoulders are always a little sore from sitting at my desk all day, but giving them their massage time really also helps me relieve the stresses of the day…like I said…it’s all about intention! Massage those worries away ๐Ÿ’†

Mad Ritual CBD Recovery Balm formula

Cuticle & Nail Care

If you have stuck around this blog for a while, you may remember my post on nail self care. I would definitely have included this balm in that post had I tried it prior to writing it. While it is not meant to be a nail care formula, this balm is perfect for a relaxing, hand and cuticle massage. Typically, this is my last step since my hands are yummy with the balm anyways from the other spots I have already given a rub down. It also provides a mental release of stress since as we know, the hand is a prime spot for pressure points meant to relieve any tension in the body.

Sleep Lip Mask

I mentioned I was all about making the most of this multi-tasking potion. Another way I have loved using the Mad Ritual CBD Recovery Balm is as a lip mask! ๐Ÿ’‹ I find it is better than some of the lip balms and overnight lip masks I already own. If you are sensitive to the lavender + frankincense, I would definitely recommend unscented. If you like that tingle, the eucalyptus + peppermint may be right up your alley. I have been fine with the one sent to me, but I am not one to be overly sensitive to oils and/or scents.

Mad Ritual CBD Recovery Balm texture

Decolletage Overnight Mask

I know I said 3 tips but Mad Ritual actually commented on my IG post when I first starting writing this review and they provided such a great tip, so here is #4! They recommended using the balm as a face and neck mask for “incredible sleep and skin recovery.” I have been obsessed with this way of using their CBD Recovery Balm. I have actually been looking / inquiring around the cruelty free & vegan stratosphere for something addressing this area of my body in particular. I find my skin is not as firm as it used to be and I don’t even want to type this and put it out to the universe, but at times, I do see it getting a little wrinkly. This has been a great product for keeping that skin in check and really loved and moisturized.

I hope you have enjoyed this review and I especially hope that you check out Mad Ritual!

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