Getting Steamy with STEAMCREAM!

I love trying out new products that have always piqued my curiosity!  I first heard about STEAMCREAM in a post by My Beauty Bunny.  If you’ve never checked out her cruelty-free beauty blog, you definitely must:)  I must admit I was a bit mystified by the whole concept  behind this magical little cream in a tin…Using steam???  Huh, maybe I should check them out! 
How lucky did I feel when I was given the opportunity to try STEAMCREAM for myself?!?!
Handmade in England, STEAMCREAM is a multi-purpose cream that can be used basically anywhere!  It is made with all natural, vegan ingredients that are bound together through a steam process that allows for a light, easily-absorbed cream.  STEAMCREAM also comes in these cute, environmentally responsible & reusable aluminum tins that are made is Japan.  Once you use up all your cream, could be used to house jewelry, paperclips, or even a homemade body scrub. 
 Check out my tin design with the bird & the cherry blossoms!
“UME NI UGUISU is a Japanese idiom meaning ‘great match’. Traditionally they symbolise the beginning of Spring but we think – why wait? Start using UME NI UGUISU now for supple, radiant, blooming skin!”
The cream itself is very light and easily absorbed.  At first I never thought I would be able to use it on my face.  I live in hot & humid South Florida and I would NEVER use the same cream on my body that I use on my face.  Most creams are too heavy and don’t absorb enough to allow for a shine free day.  I was able to put STEAMCREAM on my face and go straight to my makeup application no problems!  Honestly, I couldn’t believe that this cream was so multi-functional!  The scent of STEAMCREAM is not your typical perfumed cream.  At first sniff it could be a bit surprising.  Don’t expect to smell like a cupcake or a chocolate souffle…STEAMCREAM is made with all-natural ingredients so the scent is natural and light, with ingredients like oatmeal infusion, orange flower water, almond oil, lavender oil, organic jojoba oil, cocoa butter, chamomile blue essential oil, and neroli oil.  

I am already thinking about how I can gift STEAMCREAM to family, friends, and even my kids’ teachers.  These are so portable and convenient that I can picture them sitting on someones desk at work or in school.  I encourage you to definitely check them out!  I am sure there will be a funky, eco-chic tin design that will grab your attention right..Right now I have my eyes on DISTINGUE & MA

“DISTINGUE celebrates Fashion Week which started in 1943 in New York. Now staged in the four major fashion capitals of the world, New York, Paris, London and Milan, Fashion Week is elegant, fashionable and hugely popular. DISTINGUE is our own little take on this season’s haute couture!”

“Kung Hei Fat Choi!” (or Happy New Year!) will be shouted all over the world on 31st January 2014 to celebrate Chinese New Year. To celebrate the Year of the Horse, we’ve created our beautiful tin, MA (horse in Chinese!).
Life is never dull with someone born in the Year of the Horse as “Horses” are masters of repartee and deemed to be clever, cheerful, energetic and active. Lucky numbers are 3, 4 and 9 and lucky colours are green, purple and red.
MA’s vibrant background is red for that very reason! Buy 3, 4 or 9 tins to double your luck ……..!”

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