Getting Steamy with STEAMCREAM!

I love trying out new products that have always piqued my curiosity!  I first heard about STEAMCREAM in a post by My Beauty Bunny.  If you've never checked out her cruelty-free beauty blog, you definitely must:)  I must admit I was a bit mystified by the whole concept  behind this magical little cream in a tin...Using … Continue reading Getting Steamy with STEAMCREAM!

New Year’s Inspiration-2014 Blogger Challenge

 2014 is definitely going to be an interesting year.  I started blogging in 2013, and in 2014, I have set several goals for myself as a beauty blogger.  On a personal note, I have also made the decision to really focus on the things that mean the most to family, my passion for animals and … Continue reading New Year’s Inspiration-2014 Blogger Challenge