Luka Cosmetics "New Year, New You" Giveaway

 Luka Cosmetics “New Year, New You” Giveaway!Organized by Pretty In PigmentSponsored by Luka Cosmetics 2014 has been a fabulous year for Luka Cosmetics and they are spreading holiday cheer to celebrate. What are they celebrating you ask? The opening of their second Luka store, which is located at The Shoppes at Addison Place in Delray Beach!  The … Continue reading Luka Cosmetics "New Year, New You" Giveaway

Getting Steamy with STEAMCREAM!

I love trying out new products that have always piqued my curiosity!  I first heard about STEAMCREAM in a post by My Beauty Bunny.  If you've never checked out her cruelty-free beauty blog, you definitely must:)  I must admit I was a bit mystified by the whole concept  behind this magical little cream in a tin...Using … Continue reading Getting Steamy with STEAMCREAM!