5 Reasons Why the HP Envy x360 Is A Super Laptop For Making Us Feel Like Super Moms

I don’t know about you, but as a mom I need to have a lot of tricks and tools up my sleeve!  Cape, mask, and in today’s world of technology, a reliable, user friendly, and multifunctional laptop 💻 are definitely on my list 😉 For me personally, my laptop goes with me everywhere!  I use it for scheduling appointments, conducting cyber meetings, keeping my kids’ extracurricular activities in check, and writing for my blog.
The HP Envy x360 is right up there with the capability to meet all those needs and then some!  Keep reading to learn about my five favorite features that help me keep my Super Mom status and make me look ultra cool for the right price!  Save $100 now just in time for Back to School! #ad

HP Envy x360 sleek and chic design
Now before I jump into my top 5 reasons every mom should have this laptop, let’s just revel in its sleek and chic gorgeousness 😍 As I was doing my research on why this laptop was the ONE, I found a ton of comments comparing it to the Apple MacBook Pro…What?!?!  I know! Let’s talk about it!  First off, AMD processors make them fast and thin so you can take them with you anywhere you go!  An AMD processor boosts productivity, enhances multimedia, and improves energy efficiency (up to 10 hours of battery life!!!)…all things that are on my list of laptop must haves.  The HP Envy x360 also boasts Windows 10, up to 16GB of memory and 1TB of hard drive, which is something you don’t see in laptops very often!

But…I digress…Let’s talk about the 5 reasons I think the HP Envy x360 laptop takes my mom status to Super Mom and even Cool Mom 🠟🠟🠟

360° Flip-and-Fold Design

HP Envy x360 flip and fold design
This feature turns your ordinary laptop into a super tablet!  I am a huge fan of this flip-and-fold design because I love the ease of my tablet but don’t want to have to carry around two separate devices!  Do you???  It is great for catching up on some of my favorite shows, reading an e-book, jotting down notes, and just being able to have the screen of a laptop without the space of the keyboard right in front of you.  This gives me the flexibility of having work papers in front of me, or just a cup of coffee while I catch up on Some Santa Clarita Diet LOL 🤣 

Built for Windows Ink

Windows Ink Workspace is one of the coolest features ever!  You can jot sticky notes, draw on screenshots, or just doodle your ideas down with the WI stylus.  I especially like this one when it comes to planning my editorial calendar, as I can work on it without committing to it in my planner.  I can make changes, move dates, all with the ease of my stylus!  I also love it for keeping track of everyone’s different appointments…Between baseball practices and games, doctors’ visits, and a teenager in their last year of high school, keeping track of everyone’s movements is important, and I can easily send them a copy of the calendar with all my notes!

Full HD Multitouch Screen

This feature just builds on the coolness of this laptop!  One again integrating that look and feel of a tablet without using multiple devices.  In today’s technological day and age, touchscreens are standard fare, and really helps to streamline the process of without taking away from the keyboard and its functionality 💻 This is also a great feature to use when that keyboard is hidden away in the flip-and-fold design!  A touchscreen is faster, more intuitive way to work with a device, as we have seen with the rise of smartphones and standard tablets.  This feature in the HP Envy x360 brings together the best of both worlds 🌎

HP Envy x360 with Windows Ink

Built in Webcam & Dual Array Microphone

While these may just seem like standard features in a laptop nowadays, the quality of said webcam and microphone can leave much to be desired with many devices on the market 😕 I once had a laptop where the webcam was sooo bad I had to purchase a separate camera to attach to my laptop?!?!  What!?!  As a blogger, I jump on platforms like Youtube and FB Live quite a bit with my own content, so these two features in particular are a big deal to me.  I have also had virtual meetings with potential collaborations and brands and a bad webcam and microphone can really make the difference on their impression of me and my business.  

Backlit Keyboard

This feature seems so silly, but until you have been working late at night…on your laptop…in front of the TV…in a dark room…you won’t know just how important it is!  Plus it also looks pretty freaking cool if you ask me!  The space around the keys and the letters themselves glow a soft light, enough to provide enough light to work uninterrupted and with comfort 💙💜 A backlit keyboard is a must if you are like me and like to catch up on work once everyone has gone to bed…yep…just call me night owl! 🦉

HP Envy x360 HD Touchscreen

When it comes to shopping for a new laptop what are your must have features?  There are so many things to take into consideration!  With so many options on the market it is important to have a list of features you really need to make you a Super Mom (or Dad) too!  I love the comparison tool on the Best Buy site…head on over and compare the HP Envy x360 against some other, and even more expensive, devices on the market and see how it measures up!

Check out the HP Envy x360 over at Best Buy and save $100 (offer ends 7/28/18) 😍

Have A Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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