Escape to a Mediterranean Paradise with Skylar’s Newest Natural Fragrance of Capri

Skylar Natural Fragrance in the Scent Capri
When I arrived at my client’s home a few days ago, I gave her a hug and she said, “Ohh Lucy you smell so good!” 😍 I was so excited because it was just a few days before that I had received the newest scent from Skylar Natural Perfumes.  
Capri is a Mediterranean-inspired scent that is refreshing, zesty, and perfect for summer 🌞🍊 With notes of bergamot, grapefruit, blood orange and neroli, it really just begs to be worn outdoors on a sunny day, preferably by the ocean with a frozen fruity drink in hand 🍹 
Keep reading to learn all about Skylar, their newest addition, Capri, and some of their other scents as well 💙

Skylar Natural Fragrance in Capri
Photo Credit: Skylar Natural Fragrance

First off, I would just like to send a big THANK YOU to Skylar for the opportunity of trying their new scent and sharing my thoughts with my readers.  It’s actually pretty funny, because Skylar has a scent quiz on their website and when took it, Capri was the perfect Skylar scent for me 💛 You can take the scent quiz yourself right here 💻
Apparently, this sparkling and citrusy scent was dreamt up by one of Skylar’s very own customers, Dallas Daws Welch.  It was put to a vote, and Capri was born!  
Enjoy this Mediterranean-inspired, citrus, zesty and invigorating scent with notes of bergamot, neroli, grapefruit, blood orange, teakwood, sheer vetiver, crystal musk, dewy rose and muguet. Transport yourself to that ultra-relaxed, just-out- of-the-water, no-work-tomorrow, sun-in-your-hair moment with this carefree Capri indulgence captured in a bottle. You’ll find yourself smiling all day as the memories come flying back.”

~~~From the Skylar website

Skylar’s natural perfumes are 6-FREE scents…that means no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, no allergens, no animal derived ingredients, and no synthetic dyes 💖 

Skylar is also Leaping Bunny certified, and PETA certified cruelty free and vegan.  

Organic sugar cane alcohol, distilled water, bergamot, neroli, parfum (Skylar’s own fragrance blend with natural and essential oils)

Skylar Natural Fragrance in Capri
When you visit their site, you won’t be overwhelmed with a million different scents to choose from…Skylar actually has taken its time and perfected six natural scents that can be worn alone or layered to create unique and distinct combinations 😏
Arrow – warm, spicy, and seductive; notes of midnight jasmine, warm patchouli, and vanilla

Coral – fruity, floral, and flirty; notes of grapefruit and a touch of apple blossom

Isle – clean, dewy, and fresh; notes of subtle citrus and spiced sandalwood 

Meadow – floral, chic, and beautiful; notes of tuberose, jasmine, and orange blossom

Willow – woodsy, lush, and cool; notes of benzoin tree, cedarwood, and galbanum

I honestly want to try them all, so I am seriously considering purchasing the sample palette which comes with all five scents in mini sprays 🎁

Skylar Natural Perfume Sample Palette
Photo Credit: Skylar Natural Fragrance

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So tell me…have you tried Skylar?  

Which scent is calling your name???

Have A Beautiful Day,Lucy~~*
Disclaimer: Please note I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. My opinions are 100% my own. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission based on any purchases you make using my links. Thank you for visiting and supporting my page 💖

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