Veganuary Beauty with Facial Masks, Beauty Mists, & Lip Potions

Veganuary Beauty with Facial, Masks, Mists, & Lips blog title
This post may be a day late, but it will never be a dollar short!  What I thought was going to be a pretty simple post on my favorite vegan skincare, became a trilogy.  It all started with facial cleansers, and from there it expanded to moisturizers, serums, and oils (my fave 😍) Today I bring you facial masks, mists, and we can’t forget our lips, especially for the month of LOVE!  Keep reading to learn all about my favorite vegan facial masks, toners, and lip products!!!  

I love using vegan face masks at the end of the week; they really help to reset my skin!

Veganuary Beauty with Facial, Masks, Mists, & Lips fave masks

Vegan Facial Masks

Valentia Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask:  I am all about hydration!  Ever since understand the needs of my dry skin, I do my best to work with products that help to really hydrate my skin.  This mask is perfect after a tough week…I can be notorious for forgetting to apply something to protect my skin before bed, and if I do that too many times during the week, my skin tends to feel dull and lifeless. When applying this mask, I can definitely feel how refreshing and nourishing it is 😊 With key ingredients like green tea, botanical hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera, it helps to increase collagen & elastin, fights aging, and improves skin’s firmness.  Who’s saying no to that?!?!?!
Jacq’s Organics Green Smoothie Masque & Scrub:  I think I picked up this lovely mask in my Petit Vour box a while back and was so excited, because I had really been wanting to give it a try!  I love supporting local brands, and Jacq’s Organics’ studio is literally down the street from me!  This is a clay based mask with Rhassoul and bentonite clays, but the additional ingredients are really what makes it stand out 🌰Sweet almond nut, activated charcoal, sea kelp, raw cacao, and a blend of essential oil (lavender, geranium, anise, rosemary, and spearmint) really make this mask feel refreshing and cool on, and leaves the skin refreshed and feeling clean!  Plus it also doubles as a scrub so total win-win!
Omcali Brighten Cleanser & Mask: I also received this mask in a Petit Vour box, but what really caught my attention were those little words on the label “age defense” 💜 I am ALLLL about products that fight aging.  Now that my skin is on the more mature side, I am very interested in helping it maintain any bit of youthfulness it may have left 😉  The super fruit ingredients (guava, pomegranate, mangosteen, acai, dtes, cherry, pineapple, papaya, & apple) in this mask help to defend against fine lines, dull looking skin, and premature aging.   I tend to only use this as a mask, but it can also be used safely on a daily basis as a cleanser!

I love to carry around a toner in my purse and spray my face throughout the day for added moisture and hydration 💙

Veganuary Beauty with Facial, Masks, Mists, & Lips fave facial mists

Vegan Facial Toners

Nourish Organics Refreshing & Balancing Face Toner:  This is my daily go-to toner for my first morning spritz.  I tend to only splash some water on my face in the morning since my skin tends to run on the dry side.  I love spraying this all over to really seal in moisture before applying the rest of my skin care routine.  It’s gentle and non-irritating, and the ingredients are so simple and pure: aloe vera, rosewater, glycerin, witch hazel and yeast…that’s it!  I love witch hazel which is great to soothe and balance skin tone, and helps fight signs of fatigue.

Blissoma Peaceful Purity Tonique:  I just received this toner in my most recent Petit Vour box and already it has become a fast favorite!  This toner is gentle enough for all skin types, but definitely gets the job done 😊 With a base of organic basil and rose hydrosols, this toner contains no alcohol, and can be used throughout the day.  This is the one I have been reaching for on a daily basis to keep in my bag while I am out and about in the South Florida sun 🌞 It also has a very refreshing scent, almost like a cool herbal tea.
Olivine Love + Roses Beauty Mist:  This is my go-to luxurious beauty mist 🌹 I can spray this on my face and in my hair and feel like a million bucks.  I don’t know what it is about the scent of roses, but it just makes me feel so sexy and feminine!  I love how the brand lists “unconditional love” as the first key ingredient 💖 With additional ingredients such as rose water, moringa seed extract, cassia seed extract,  rose oil, and ylang ylang oil, this beauty mist helps to silken and tone skin, refresh hair, provide instant hydration, and aromatherapy.  It is also infused with the benefits of rose quartz essence which promotes self love, esteem, confidence, beauty & grace.

These vegan lip products are perfect for Valentine’s Day!!!

Veganuary Beauty with Facial, Masks, Mists, & Lips fave lip products

Vegan Lip Products

Madflowers Lip Potion: This lip product just oozes with sensuality! I don’t know if it’s my preconceived notions of the brand (which is very sensual and sexy), but this lip potion is truly magical ✨I love putting it on before my husband kisses me because it just adds that plumping and refreshing quality…It also provides a very light, sheer tint that doesn’t get all over everything!  Key ingredients include: safflower seed oil, kukui nut oil, macadamia nut oil, henna leaf extract, menthol, shea butter, and tangerine extract with that extra sexy tingly feeling 😉
French Girl Lip Polish: With matte liquid lipsticks all the rage, this vegan lip polish is a MUST!  I love how this one doesn’t crumble away and even though it is made with rose, spearmint, and peppermint oils I have been known for just removing the sugar by licking my lips 👄 It is not too florally and the sugar is so yummy!  Plus with castor, coconut, sunflower oils and shea butter it really does an amazing job leaving my lips completely exfoliated and lusciously soft…trust me, my husband approves 😉 
French Girl Lip Tint:  Yep another French Girl lip product!  Thanks goodness for Petit Vour!!!  This is like the perfect lip balm and tint in one…It is sheer but has enough tint to look like your lips have that just bitten color with a big of shine.  The shade I have is Cerise (cherry), and the actual balm has some pretty amazing ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, neem oil, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, rosemary extract, and sea buckthorn oil.  I told you it was pretty amazing.  I am also pretty surprised by how long this lip tint lasts on the lips…I have lipsticks that don’t last as long!  This balm stays in my bag and I reach for it daily 💕

Have you discovered  any new vegan beauty products this Veganuary?  Let me know in the comments! 😘 

Have a Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*
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