100% Pure Mermaid Palette Product Review & Swatches

100% Pure Mermaid Palette Product Review & Swatches blog title
If you know me, you know I love mermaids 💙 Seriously, when can we get a mermaid emoji???  The first time I saw this palette, I knew I absolutely had to have it!  I love easy to use, all in one palettes, and this one is perfect for putting together a simple, everyday look 😊 Keep reading for my thoughts on the 100% Pure Mermaid Palette, and an easy eye look I put together with it!

I first discovered 100% Pure through a beauty box subscription service, where I had the opportunity to try out their fruit pigmented mascara.  No need to check your eyes, or go back and re-read, you read it right the first time, I said fruit pigmented🍓 Fruit pigments are what give fruits their color; they make strawberries red and blueberries blue!  100% Pure cosmetics contain no artificial fragrances or colors,  Fruit pigments provide the cosmetics with more than just beautiful shades of colors; they also provide healthy fruit vitamins and antioxidants directly onto the skin!  Need I say more???  
The Mermaid Palette is just one of five vegan and cruelty free palettes by 100% Pure.  My pal, Nicole, over at Reasonable Raven and I decided to bring our readers a tag team effort. Head on over to her blog and check out her review of the 100% Pure Naked II Palette…Trust me, it will be well worth it!  That palette is on my wishlist as well😍 
100% Pure Mermaid Palette
The palette itself is right up my alley!  A beautiful ocean turquoise with a mermaid tail and pretty scales in yellows, blues, and greens make up the cover while the back is more informational with the names of the shades, lists of ingredients, and some general brand information.  The palette is made from a pretty sturdy cardboard material and opens and close easily with a magnetic seal.
My favorite part is the palette description:

Dreamy, gorgeous colors, inspired by mermaids, pink clouded sunsets, and what the ocean looks like when hit by sun rays.  

100% Pure Mermaid Palette Product Review & Swatches open package
Once you have the palette open, be prepared to fall in love 💖There are a total of five different, versatile shades.  The two larger pans are a luminizer and a blush, while the three smaller pans are meant to be used as eyeshadows.  I personally think the luminizer and blush could aso be used as eyeshadows.  
From left to right: Siren (luminizer), Peach Coral (Blush), Shell, Sea Glass, and Starfish (eyeshadows)
Siren ~ A warm, sunkissed glow (0.14 oz)
Peach Coral ~ A golden coral pinky peach blush (0.14 oz)
Shell ~ A golden olive yellow/green shadow (0.07 oz)
Sea Glass ~ A golden mossy green shadow (0.07 oz)
Starfish ~ A brownish purple aubergine with blue shift shadow (0.07 oz)


100% Pure Mermaid Palette Swatches

I have found myself reaching for this 100% Pure Mermaid Palette over and over, and I knew I needed to share my love of this palette with my readers!  

The quick look I put together below is super easy!  After applying my primer, foundation, and eye primer, I went in with Shell all over the lid up to the crease, and created a halo effect by adding Sea Glass to the inner and outer areas of the lid.  I then went in with Starfish and used that in my crease and outer V and blended everything together.  I applied Peach Coral as a blush on the apples of my cheeks, and to complete the look, I took Siren, that gorgeous luminizer, and highlighted my brow bone and highlighted the tops of my cheekbones.  
I actually took this picture in the early afternoon so these shades did very well in terms of wear.  For some reason, whenever I wear a green eyeshadow look, I tend to get a ton of compliments, so you can believe I will be creating many more looks with this gorgeous palette!!!
100% Pure Mermaid Palette Product Review & Swatches eye look
What kinds of looks would you put together with this palette?  I am always looking for some creative ways to put colors together!  
Don’t forget to check out the 100% Pure Naked II Palette review by Reasonable Raven! That palette has become a fast favorite for all 100% Pure lovers!  

Have a Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*

Please Note: This blog post contains affiliate links.

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