A Veganuary Celebration of Facial Moisturizers, Oils, & Serums

Celebrating Veganuary with Vegan Facial Lotions and Oils blog title
Facial lotions and potions by far are my absolute favorite types of skincare products!  Since this Veganuary I am celebrating my one-year Veganniversary, I thought it would a great time to share some of my favorite vegan beauty products 😊 Going vegan can be a complete lifestyle change, not just a change our diet.  I thought this would be such an easy peasy post all on skincare and another post all of makeup products…Boy was I wrong!  
It was pretty much nearly impossible to narrow down each category to only one product so I took a few liberties, and really just raided my vanity to share multiple favorites!  I know I know…you’re welcome 😘 The first post in this series was all about vegan facial cleansers, and in order of beauty routine, I bring you my favorite vegan moisturizers, oils, and serums 💜 Keep reading to check them out!

This vegan skin brightening moisturizer has really become a daily go-to during my skincare routine!

Vegan Moisturizers

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer:  I have really been loving the this daily moisturizer 💓 I received this product back in September for review purposes and am still reaching for it on a daily basis.  This also goes to show how much product you get…you really get tremendous bang for your buck at 4 oz for only $25.  The website even tells you it’s a 4-6 month supply!  Crazy I know!  The formula is lightweight, absorbs beautifully, and makes my skin feel soft all day.  I am also loving a lot of their other products; I think there’s three in this post alone!  Another moisturizer I really like but I don’t currently have a bottle of is the Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer with SPF 47.  I featured this last year in my Spring 2015 Cruelty Free Top 3 in Skincare.
Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

Vegan Facial Oils

When facial oils first started becoming a thing, I was like no way!  Oil on my face…that can’t be good!  Oh man was I wrong!  I can say that facial oils have become a bit of an obsession.  I am loving how many I have accumulated in my skincare repertoire 💛 I tend to only apply facial oils during my nighttime routine or on a morning where the night before may have been a bit stressful on my skin…either from staying up too late or when my skin is drier than usual.  
Poetic Blend Hero Oil: I received this lovely deluxe sample size in a Petit Vour box.  I love how it smells and it really is so lightweight.  With squalane oil, apricot kernel oil, calendula herb oil, monoi de Tahiti oil, grapeseed oil and then infused with a blend of essential oil like, eucalyptus, lavender, ylang ylang, and patchouli, it’s just so beautiful to apply.  A little goes a long way too and it absorbs quickly and evenly.  
Mahalo Vitality Elixir: My aesthetician actually recommended this elixir, and gave me an extra one that she had lying around.  This is definitely more of a rich textured oil, and yellow-hued thanks to the turmeric.  The serum is referred to as “luscious golden drops” on the Mahalo site, which really is so appropo.  Key ingredient include Tamanu oil, chia seed, turmeric, sea buckthorn, carrot, and helichrysum oil.  The aroma is much richer than the Hero Oil, and very earthy…very similar to my next pick…
Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil:  This is just a simple, pure rosehip oil…nothing more and definitely nothing less.  I did major research before going full on rosehip, but it really is so amazing.  There are no additional essential oils to add a fragrance, so the scent of rosehip oil on its own reminds me of an omega vitamin.  I can use this daily with no issues and it makes my skin feel so incredibly soft.  I also really love the dark blue glass apothecary looking bottle.  

My Favorite Vegan Facial Oils

Vegan Eye Creams

Valentia True Glow Eye Cream: This is my go to eye cream on a daily basis.  It’s lightweight and absorbs nicely without leaving any residue and just like with their daily moisturizer, I love the amber colored apothecary packaging.  Since I tend to reach for this eye cream often I feel pretty confident saying that this product does a fantastic job hydrating my under eye area and smoothing out those fine little crow’s feet.  

100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream:  This is my damage control eye cream of choice.  After a late night out or if my skin is acting weird this is my savior.  Right now over at 100% Pure’s site you can actually get this, along with their their Bright Eyes Mask as a free gift with purchase!  I have been dying to try those eye masks!  Did I mention this smells amazing???  It smells like cocoa butter, but upon checking the ingredients there’s no cocoa butter, but I did see vanilla which has to be it!  
Hana Organic Skincare Eye Oil:  This is another damage control eye serum for me. There are only four ingredients in this eye oil: jojoba, rosehip seed oil, Vitamin E, and rose essential oil.  So natural and so pure, and such a beautiful formula as well.  I would not use something like this in the morning, as it does take a while for my undereye area to absorb it.  I love using this before a full makeup day to really hydrate and create as smooth a canvas as possible.  

I love having different eye creams so that I can switch it up based on whatever my skin needs that day or night! 👁

My Favorite Vegan Eye Creams and Oils

Vegan Night Serums

After a long day, nothing feels better than washing off all the gunk from the daily grind and applying one of my favorite night serums to work its magic overnight 💖

Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum:  This is one of my go to night serums for daily use.  I do tend to go with a different option if I know I am going out in the sun which tends to be on the weekends since retinol and the sun really don’t mix.  I do wear sunscreen but I don’t like to take any chances! Depending on how my skin is feeling I would follow this up with one of my other current night serum faves!

Dermae Hydrating Night Creme:  I actually great things about this Dermae product from one of my best friends and had to try it out for myself.  Since then, Dermae has revamped its looked and has really upped its luxury look and feel.  I do believe the formulas are all the same.  I could easily slather this night creme on and it keeps my skin feeling silky smooth until morning. I also love it over the retinol night serum and it’s like the perfect power couple!

I love pampering my skin at night 🌙

My Favorite Vegan Night Creams

What are some of your favorite vegan & cruelty free facial moisturizers, oils, and serums?  Are you a skincare junkie like me?  Let me know in the comments 😍

Have A Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*
Please Note: This blog post contains affiliate links.  

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