Top 5 Pamper Me Moments after Back to School

This post is sponsored by GROUPON, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

OK, I can honestly say that this year the dreaded “back to school” chaos wasn’t too bad.  I was pretty timely with purchasing supplies, making it on time on the first (and second…ok third) day of school, and making sure both kids are getting back into the swing of study habits and staying organized.  What did wear me out was the entire summer!  Keep reading to check out what Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons I found to focus on some me time after having the kids go back to school.  

I have basically spent my entire summer being a chauffeur…from my daughter’s part time job to my son’s BMX riding, fishing, skateboarding, & baseball.  I am worn out and I must admit, this first week of school, I did a lot of nothing.  Ok that’s a lie..I cleaned my house, which was much needed after having the kids around all summer.  I tied up a few loose ends/errands like taking boxes to the Goodwill, re-organizing my work space, and I uncluttered all kinds of stuff that had accumulated on various tables throughout the house.  I’m also getting up at 5:30am, as opposed to the cushier 6:30am/7am that was the summer🌙

If you ask me, I think it is time for some “me moments”…and this is where Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons comes in😊 I don’t know about you but I can easily spend a few good hours perusing the Groupon website.

Check out my Top 5 Pamper Me Moments after dropping the kiddos off at school!

Energizing Sea-Onic Detox Food Bath on Groupon

Energizing Sea-Onic Detox Foot Bath

I am in South Florida, and it gets pretty freaking hot here.  I have lived in my flip flops all summer. Literally, you can see the tan lines of the thingy that goes between my toes…LOL  That’s ok!  It means we have had a great summer!  My feet though have seen better days having spent most of their time in the sun, sand, and surf  Using ion & electron producing plates and a mineral solution that resembles the complex mineral concentration of the ocean, an ionic foot bath helps to purge toxins from the body in order to alleviate lethargy, headaches, and other health issues.  Honestly, it just sounds really relaxing, but if it can help with everything else why not?  

Spa Mani-Pedi with Paraffin, Hot Stone Massage, and Hot Towels

OK so let’s just check all of these off as yes, Yes, & yes please!  I love getting a manicure and a pedicure.  I usually bring all my own polishes to ensure that the products I am using are cruelty free which eliminates the stress of trying to find something that works for me on the salon shelves.  A lot of times the nail technician asks me about the brands I have brought and of course you know I love to share the #crueltyfreelove❤ Plus who can say no to a hot stone massage?!?! I haven’t had a massage in a veryyyy long time so this one sounds mighty nice!

Mud Treatment with 30-Minute Massage

Mud Treatment with 30-Minute Massage

What it is about mud that can be so cleansing?  A mud treatment with infrared lighting helps to detoxify and refresh the skin.  Plus, it’s really just another excuse for me to lay back and relax.  This particular treatment is described as a dry exfoliation to stimulate the lymphatic system, warm mud to detox skin and a hydrating massage.  Cleansed mud is great for acne and pimples as it draws the toxins out of the skin and brings them up to the surface for elimination.  It is also a good treatment for skin conditions related to allergies and eczema, and believe it or not, a mud treatment can also be quite moisturizing!  

Brazilian Wax & Vajazzling on Groupon

Brazilian Wax & Vajazzling

LOL yep you read that right!  I said it…vajazzling!  Why not?  Maybe just a few Swarovski crystals here and there😏 I used to get a Brazilian wax going back a couple of years but when I moved my current wax lady was too far, and I never really went out of my way to find a new one. Groupon is a great way to discover local businesses for all kinds of services…waxing and vajazzling included! Plus, I think my husband would be pleasantly surprised with that little upgrade!

Chocolate Facial on Groupon

Chocolate Facial

Skincare is probably my favorite aspect of the beauty world.  Who can say no to a chocolate facial? Cocoa is chocked full of antioxidants and vitamins.  Flavanol, a specific antioxidant, has been known to reduce redness and help calm the skin.  Antioxidants help to increase the skin’s protection against free radicals.  Free radicals are notorious for increasing the skin’s aging process as they damage and break down the skin’s own proteins.  Pretty interesting stuff!  Plus, I want to close my eyes and smell like chocolate

What kinds of Pamper Me Moments have you had since the kids have gone back to school?


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