Comet Comforts Mermaid Beauty Box Gift Set + GIVEAWAY

Comet Comforts Mermaid Beauty Box Review & Giveaway blog title
I am super excited to share this post with you guys!  I was afforded the opportunity of working on the social media team for Southern Comforts, a vegan & cruelty free fragrance oil company  Well, they have teamed up with Comet Vomit, a vegan & cruelty free indie nail polish brand and together have developed a monthly “one-of-a-kind, vegan & cruelty free monthly gift set.”  It could not be more perfect when August’s theme, which happens to be my birthday month, was mermaids!  So of course, I am giving away a box to one of my readers😊 Keep reading to check out my unboxing & win one for yourself! 

Comet Comforts Mermaid Beauty Box Review & Giveaway open box
I love the small details with the mermaid on the inside cover and the tissue paper and stickers. Seriously, it’s the little things that do it for me.  When a brand takes the time to make the packaging special that really helps to push me over the top.  I believe the mermaid on the inside cover is possibly a stamp, and if it is, I need it in my life…LOL!
Comet Comforts Mermaid Beauty Box Review & Giveaway unboxed
When I separated the tissue paper, check out how cute this is!  There are flowers and paper crinkle confetti, as well as, a postcard regarding Comet Comforts, and business cards for the individual companies of Southern Comforts and Comet Vomit.  I love how they refer to themselves as CoCo! Working with Southern Comforts, we would use the hashtags #SoCo and #SoCoFragrance, but CoCo didn’t even occur to me until I read the card…love it!  
Southern Comforts Fragrance Roll-On
Southern Comforts Fragrance Roll-On in We Were Only Trying to Drown Her
First out of the box is the Southern Comforts Fragrance Oil Roll-On in We Were Only Trying to Drown Her.  This is a full size product and from experience I can tell you the bottle will last forever!  The scent definitely takes me out to sea…The blend is comprised of fresh sea air, driftwood, plumeria, mimosa, and a touch of tropical fruit.  It almost reminds me of sitting on the beach on an overcast, somewhat chilly day with wet, driftwood washed ashore.  I would say the floral and tropical notes are not as prominent.  I think the name of the scent is perfect, because it really is more of a “dark” scent…it’s not necessarily a deep scent, but just not sweet or florally.  I think there is a definitely level of sultry sexiness to it as well 

Comet Vomit Nail Polish Duo
Comet Vomit Nail Polish colors on brushes
Next up are two nail polishes from Comet Vomit Nail Polish. I haven’t had a chance to swatch these babies yet, but take a look at this IG post from @impossiblethingsbeforebrkfst ❤ The full size turquoise polish is called Flippin’ Your Fins and is a sparkly teal. The mini polish is a clear glitter polish called You Used to Call Me on My Shell Phone and has small sparkles along with larger glitter in blue, pink, gold, black and maybe green? This is perfect as a topper of the teal color just like in this mani!

Comet Vomit Nail Polish Swatches
Darling Girl Cosmetics also teamed up with Comet Comforts for their August mermaid inspired beauty box with a loose pigments eyeshadow in the limited edition shade #MermaidGoals.  All the colors in this box are just meant to work together!  This shade is described as “a beautiful teal color with a slight purple shift and a whole lot of sparkle!”  
Darling Girl Cosmetics Eyeshadow

Darling Girl Cosmetics Eyeshadow in #MermaidGoals

Check out this swatch from @cometcomforts on Instagram!

Last, but certainly not least, are all the extra little goodies!  No Comet Comforts box is complete without some sort of vegan candy and of course with a mermaid inspired box, it had to be Swedish Fish😊. There were also a temporary heart tattoo with mermaid scales, beachy little nail charms, and a bottle of nail glue to complete that mermaid mani!

Giveaway Alert!  Enter to win your own Comet Comforts Mermaid Beauty Box!

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