Salt Hair, Don’t Care with ONNO Organic T-Shirts + GIVEAWAY

This post is sponsored  by ONNO T-Shirts, however all thoughts and opinion expressed are 100% my own.
Salt Hair, Don't Care with ONNO T-Shirts blog title
This summer our family has had a total blast!  We have spent pretty much every weekend out on the water and the local sandbar down the Intracoastal WaterwayComfort is key when you are out all day in the sun and salty waves. I tried out a new t-shirt this weekend that I turned into a beach cover-up and it was so comfy! Keep reading to check out my thoughts on ONNO organic t-shirts and how you can win one too!!! #giveaway

Prior to knowing about ONNO, I had no idea what an impact growing conventional cotton was on the environment. Did you know that the cotton industry uses 10% of the world’s pesticides and 25% of the world’s insecticides??? Plus, it’s not like they are using the tame staff…most of the chemicals are pretty nasty. Another fun fact, there are a bunch of pesticides that were actually created as toxic nerve agents in WWII. The cotton industry also uses a ton of water..106,000 cubic feet of water per acre to be exact. Check out more fun facts over at ONNO’s home page.
Salt Hair, Don't Care with ONNO T-Shirts front
I have a few prerequisites when it comes to my summer attire, whether it is the beach or the boat, I need three things: cuteness, comfort, and color ONNO generously offered to send me two shirts, and I know for sure they hit cuteness and color, but how would they fare in the comfort category? I opted for the women’s organic bamboo t-shirt in Sea Blue and the women’s hemp tee in Wine. They recommended the bamboo shirt (which is super soft might I add) as the beach cover-up, so I ordered it two sizes larger so it would be more of an oversized look. I also went ahead and cut off the collar and widened it a bit so it would hang off my shoulders, which is mandatory for a beach cover-up if you ask me😏 I ordered the hemp t-shirt in my regular size and it is perfect with a maxi skirt, jeans, or those really comfy flowy pants.

Salt Hair, Don't Care with ONNO T-Shirts boat
Both of these shirts hit all three prerequisites on my list, comfort being #1. The bamboo is definitely the softer of the two materials, but both are extremely comfortable. I would even venture to use the word “plush” when describing how soft the bamboo shirt is. The biggest test is if I am willing to put it on after being out on the water all day with salt crystallizing on my skin…you know the feeling. Some materials are a bit too rough under these circumstances, and I usually end up with just a towel around my waist. This weekend, I put my ONNO organic bamboo t-shirt to the test. The bamboo fabric was so gentle on my skin. I could see this being a great pajama top too. The material itself is also so lightweight!

Salt Hair, Don't Care with ONNO T-Shirts back
One of my favorite things about summer is the simplicity of my outfits and makeup.  Here in South Florida it gets hot, really, really hot.  ONNO t-shirts are perfect for the heat and humidity.  Throw on a maxi skirt and some sandals or flip flops and call it a day.  Actually, I can see these tees being great for all kinds of outfits from a day at the park to a girl’s night out.  With the right accompanying pieces of clothing and some kick ass accessories, I can envision some pretty cool outfits for a night on the town😏
Salt Hair, Don't Care with ONNO T-Shirts back on boat

ONNO has actually been making hemp t-shirts since 2007, but as you can imagine, this industry is ever evolving.  They are currently working on improving their hemp fabric, making it a bit lighter, more elastic, and as always, more comfortable.  I am starting to believe that ONNO is a pretty comfy place to work right?!?!  They will be launching a new kickstarter campaign this Fall 2016.  Check out more info here!

Learn About Organic Bamboo & Hemp – These are some pretty amazing textiles!

  • fast growing plant on Earth
  • can grow up to 3 feet in one day
  • doesn’t need pesticides or insecticides
  • lives off of rain water
  • generates more oxygen than trees

  • incredibly self sufficient
  • like bamboo, does not need pesticides or insecticides
  • like bamboo, lives off rain water
  • durable & wicks moisture
  • provides UV protection

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!  Which ONNO t-shirt is calling out for you??? Hemp or Bamboo? Sea Blue or Wine? Check out their website and see what colors tickle your fancy😏

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