Back to School Cool with Macy’s – A 90’s Fashion BTS Event!

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Back to School Cool with Macy's blog title
When my kids were in elementary school, I loved the fact that they had to wear a uniform…My daughter actually wore a uniform straight through until she hit high school.  I really didn’t need to worry about back to school fashion until now…Keep reading to find out how middle school is all about back to school cool!

Sebastian is about to start middle school and this will be the first time he does not need to wear a uniform to school.  Now if you know Sebastian, and some of you do (via his YouTube channel), you know this kid is very into lookin’ good😏 He definitely doesn’t lack in the confidence area, I will give him that!

Thank you Macy’s for being Back to School Cool!

Not having to wear a uniform, means he gets to actually go clothes back to school shopping! I can’t be the only mom out there that finds this to be a somewhat daunting task…Thanks to Macy’s though back to school shopping is going to be a breeze!

Different Macy’s stores all over the country are hosting FREE 90’s inspired, back to school, shopping parties this month and a Macy’s near me is actually hosting one…I’ll be heading over to the Macy’s in Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale today at 2pm.

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It sounds like it is going to be a totally tubular time! With 90’s inspired beauty makeovers, fashion must haves, styling tips, a DJ playing 90’s music, a photo booth, and sweet treats…I may need to pull out my “You look like a doily!” dressSeriously though…who’s in?

If you live in Florida like me, this is a huge win-win! August 5th-7th is tax free weekend and the perfect time to stock up for back to school!

Hey why not have a good time and save a little money??? Take advantage of Florida’s tax free weekend. Garments of clothing and shoes are topped at $60 per piece…I’m definitely not going to have a problem with that! To each his own, but I definitely don’t need to spend that much on any one piece of back to school clothing.

  • Macy’s Boca (Boca Raton, FL) – Aug. 6th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Miami International (Miami, FL) – Aug. 6th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Galleria (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) – Aug. 6th, 2pm
  • Macy’s West County (St. Louis, MO) – Aug. 6th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Castleton (Indianapolis, IN) – Aug.6th, 1pm
  • Macy’s Easton (Columbus, OH) – Aug. 13th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Concord Sun Valley (Concord, CA) – Aug. 13th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Clackamas (Portland, OR) – Aug. 13th, 2pm
  • Macy’s La Plaza Americas (Puerto Rico) – Aug. 13th
  • Macy’s Ross Park (Pittsburgh, PA) – Aug. 20th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Staten Island (Staten Island, NY) – Aug. 20th, 3pm
  • Macy’s Burlington (Burlington, MA) – Aug. 20th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Walden Galleria (Cheektowanga, NY) – Aug. 20th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Willowbrook (Houston, TX) – Aug. 27th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Florida Mall (Orlando, FL) – Aug. 27th, 1pm
  • Macy’s Northpark Center (Dallas, TX) – Aug. 27th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Wellington (Wellington, FL) – Aug. 27th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Arden Fair (Sacramento, CA) – Aug. 27th, 2pm
So whether it’s for the Kelly, Jessie, Slater, Screech, Lisa, or Zack in your life that is going back to school, this free shopping party is definitely going to help you build their wardrobe!  I am actually kind of excited to see how the 90’s are back since that is actually the decade I spent my teenage years and you know how cool we were back then!😏

Are you planning on heading to a Macy’s Blast From the Past Shopping Party???  Let me know in the comments how totally awesome it was!

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