How to Eat Like a Vegan at a Blogger Media Dinner

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Being a vegan can be tough sometimes…especially at events with preplanned meals.  Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Blogger Media Dinner at a local Deerfield Beach restaurant.  Keep reading to find out how I was able to eat vegan and enjoy my meal with the rest of my blogger pals😊

Cafe Med Ristorante is an Italian eatery nestled right on the ocean in Deerfield Beach. Hands down, I would say Italian is the easiest type of restaurant to eat at as a vegan. Thank you Heather from Local Mom Scoop for putting this amazing night together and Cafe Med for accommodating my vegan lifestyle!

Thank you Cafe Med Ristorante & Heather from Local Mom Scoop!!!

Cafe Med Ristorante Blogger Media Dinner Lucy & Heather
Cafe Med Ristorante
Upon being seated we were greeted by this beautiful little drink, the Cafe Med Flower Garden Martini!  It was the perfect combination of sweet & crisp❤ If you have ever been to any type of blogger or media event, you know that a fancy drink definitely helps get the social ball rolling😏

Cafe Med Ristorante Flower Garden Martini
The remainder of our evening was an ongoing feast of different wines to accompany each course.  Each wine was carefully selected to bring out the flavors in the different ingredients.  Keep in mind everyone else’s meals were not vegan, and Cafe Med still went out of their way to make sure each wine selection was appropriate for my different plates!  
Cafe Med Ristorante Wine Tasting
Of course you know every restaurant usually puts out a bread basket!  Cafe Med’s offering is oh so much better!  I could have eaten this all night!  Their crusty artisan slices of Italian bread with different accompanying dips is amazing…clockwise there was a red pepper dip, an olive dip, and a  vegan pesto type dip.  

Cafe Med Ristorante Bread & Dips
Our first official course was a salad.  I believe everyone in the group had some sort of meat and cheese on theirs but mine was beautiful!  This arugula salad was dotted with roasted red peppers and tomatoes, along with a balsamic olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Cafe Med Ristorante Tomato & Arugula Salad
Next up I was served a grilled eggplant and asparagus dish, along with more tomatoes and arugula.  I wish I could remember the type of wine that accompanied this dish because it was so good…a nice light, crisp white wine!
Cafe Med Ristorante Grilled Eggplant & Asparagus
My hardiest course was a pasta dish.  I am a pasta addict so this was probably my favorite dish!  The sauce was very fresh with basil and tomatoes and the pasta was cooked perfectly!  I loved the addition of the snow peas as it added a beautiful flavor, crunch, and color to the dish.

Cafe Med Ristorante Pasta with Tomatoes & Snow Peas
My final dish was a fruit platter.  Dessert is hands down the hardest meal to enjoy as a vegan unless I am going to a vegan only restaurant.  Regardless, this fruit platter was beautiful!  I happen to be a huge fan of fruit, so this was the perfect way to end my meal😊

Cafe Med Ristorante Fruit Platter

Vegan Tip:  Call ahead and let them know you are coming!

The biggest tip I can give any vegan that is trying to dine out is call ahead and see if the restaurant is willing to accommodate your dietary restrictions.  Heather from Local Mom Scoop & Cafe Med Ristorante both went out of their way to make sure I felt taken care of and was enjoying my meal!  I felt like a vegan princess!

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Have A Beautiful Day!  Lucy

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