Up, Up, & Away – My 2016 Goals!

2015 was definitely a weird year for me…In April, a professional leap I took in late 2014 left me unemployed.  I took this abrupt change as a chance to re-focus and determine what was important to me.  My family and my blog were at the top of the list.  My 2015 experiences have helped me think about the new year and what I am looking to accomplish in 2016…Keep reading!!!

That change afforded me the opportunity to spend more time with my kids and be more present in their lives.  I had a 14-year-old daughter starting high school and a 10-year-old son starting a new school, along with all their extracurricular activities and social lives.  My now 15-year-old went from being the one that thrived independently to needing me to be the hardass when it comes to school and keeping a pulse on the new (and first ever) boyfriend, who I must say, seems like a pretty nice kid.  You better believe, I am always watching though!  With my son, I went from being the stickler to thriving in his new environment and making the honor roll for the first time in….I can’t remember.  I became the farm mom, the cheer mom, the baseball mom, the skater mom, the mom that was always home when my kids were:)  I have never been able to be these moms.  My full time jobs always, I hate to say it, came first.
I am beyond thankful to my husband for supporting our family so that I could become these moms.  I try to also be the happy wife, the clean house wife, the dinner is on the table wife, the your lunch is packed wife and breakfast is ready wife, as well as, the I’ll meet you in the bedroom wife;) All of these roles, both mom and wife, make me happier than any full time job could ever hope to.
My blog has also benefited from my unexpected life change, aka losing my job.  I am posting regularly, making new connections, improving my skills in writing and photography and working with brands and products that I could never have dreamed of!  Thank you to all the brands and PR peeps that have put faith in my abilities |
I am taking what I experienced and learned in 2015 and developing goals for 2016 that I think are actionable, attainable, and will make me better at all of the above!
This isn’t really a goal but more of a continuation!  I have absolutely loved being so present with my family!  Somehow I have managed to maintain cool mom status and I am having a blast watching my kids blossom in these tween & teen years.  I do want to add a more consistent stream of income as I would love to give my husband a bit of a mental and physical break from being the only source of income.  This is something that I plan on accomplishing by exploring work-from-home opportunities, tutoring, and monetizing my blog more in 2016.
OK…so yes being a work-from-home mom is fantastic, but no one told me that it would also be the time the lbs just creeped on?!?!  WTH!  I know this goal is so cliche but I really need to make it happen for my own sanity.  Being 39, I would love to be in better shape for my 40th!  Meet you at the gym on Monday!
I am so thankful and overwhelmed for everything going on with my blog!  Right now my desk is overflowing with products for review from different brands and I am ready to share those products with my readers over the next few months!  I also want to become more active on my YouTube account and incorporate those videos into blog posts.  This is such a multifaceted goal, because there is so much that goes behind a successful blog…I want to learn more, share more, be more!  From training to editorial calendars this is going to be a big year for Lucy’s CFB&L |

What goals have you developed for the New Year?  Let me know in the comments and let’s cheer each other on and make them happen!!!

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