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I will never forget the first time I realized I was getting fine lines and wrinkles. Well in actuality, I never realized anything…my ophthalmologist brought it to my attention as he proceeded to tell me that I suffered from dry eye, and he could tell because of the little wrinkles around my eyes…Whoa what?  What do you mean little wrinkles?  At that point I wasn’t even worried about the dry eye!  What was I going to do about the fine lines and wrinkles?!?!  

That experience is going on about 10 years now and I have tried all kinds of oils, serums, creams, etc…to diminish the appearance of those pesky wrinkles.  Some products have been amazing while others have been a bust, and I must say I think for being close to 40 my fine lines and wrinkles don’t look so bad!

Being that I love skincare, I was definitely excited when the opportunity arose to become a Furlesse Brand Ambassador.  I had been hearing the buzz surrounding these little miracle patches and I really wanted to try them for myself!  How could I say no?!?!

Furlesse Wrinkle Patches brand ambassador package

There are four different patches available and each 30-day supply retails for $19.99.  They can all be purchased directly from Furlesse’s website or on Amazon.  The great thing is that they come packaged separately, so you can mix and match the patches you want to target your “problem” areas.  I took all four for a facial test drive and love them all, and of course they are CRUELTY FREE!!!
polyethylene – acts as a binding agent; used for smoothing and polishing the skin
acrylates copolymer adhesive – acts as a stabilizer; sets the skin; helps protect from humidity
Furlesse Wrinkle Patches Logo
Furlesse Wrinkle Patches Product Review CrowsFurlesse Wrinkle Patches Product Review elevens
Crows YOU’RE CUTE! (Crow’s feet aren’t!)  – smooth stubborn crow’s feet around the eyes
Elevens YOU’RE A 10. (So ditch the elevens!) – targets the vertical furrows on the brow
Furlesse Wrinkle Patches Product Review lip-sticksFurlesse Wrinkle Patches Product Review rows
Lip-Sticks LOVE THE LIPS. (lose the lines!) – addresses both expression lines and upper lip creases
Rows FABULOUS FOREHEAD (forget about the furrows!) – addresses horizontal lines on the forehead
me wearing the Furlesse Wrinkle Patches
The Furlesse patches are super versatile when it comes to wearing them.  For best results, it is recommended they be worn overnight.  I did this a few times but with my dogs stepping on my face while I sleep it just wasn’t conducive.  The best way for me to wear them is during the day being that I work from home.  I can be blogging, taking pictures, cleaning, cooking, etc…all while wearing my Furlesse patches!  You never know…I could be wearing them as I type this post! LOL!
From the time I would apply to removal, it would be about as long as I would wear them while I slept, so I feel like I still reaped the best results.  If I know I have a special event in the morning or an early afternoon meeting, I just adjust accordingly.  
I will say that I received compliments at a meet and greet with a cruelty free makeup line I will be working with, and in my mind I was screaming THANK YOU FURLESSE!
For instructions on how to use, I highly recommend checking out their site.  It isn’t difficult AT ALL, but they have step-by-step videos for optimum comfort.  
I do recommend giving yourself a window of 15-30 minutes after removal if you plan on heading out as they patches do leave an outline where they were located.  This outlines does go away fairly quickly so no fear!  
And now, the GIVEAWAY!!!
Win your own 30-day supply!  There will be 2 winners!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Before & After
The top pictures are before using the crows, elevens & rows
The bottom pictures are after about two weeks in…I was pleasantly suprised with the results!
Keep in mind, these patches do not provide a permanent fix.  These are temporary results, but you can achieve these types of results on an ongoing basis if you continue using the patches!
Furlesse Wrinkle Patches before and after images
To learn more about Furlesse, visit their website or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest |
Disclosure: Samples were provided to me by Furlesse for review and editorial consideration.  All opinions are 100 my own.

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