Mask Monday | Mahalo Pele Mask

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This week’s installment of Mask Monday is a brand that I have been dying to try, MAHALO Skin Care!  I was super excited when I received this in my Petit Vour subscription box and I was even more excited when I found out that it is now available at Bluebird Apothecary, a local beauty apothecary in Coral Gables | Keep reading to hear about my experience and how this mask can help transform your skin!

Mahalo Skin Care is an artisanal brand born in Kauai, Hawaii.  Their mission is simple – high performing, quality skincare with high quality, clean & local ingredients.  Their products are made by hand in small batches with what I believe to be a pinch of magic thrown in for extra enchantment.  Named for the Hawaiian volcanic goddess, Pele, this mask definitely has some supernatural qualities!  The bamboo packaging is also beautiful and just fits the MAHALO brand perfectly.
up close image of Mahalo Pele Mask packaging
  Ingredients + Benefits
Hibiscus – Known as the botox plant, powerful natural botox effect; helps with acne and dark circles, as well as, firms & tightens the skin and helps prevent wrinkles
Tumeric – anti-inflammatory & antibacterial agent; helps reduce redness and helps disinfect the skin to fight acne
Vitamin C – collagen boosting; helps tone the skin, fight acne, and rebuild collagen, plus contains antimicrobial and astringent properties
Neem Leaf – natural moisturizer; helps tone the skin and treat acne; also effective for lightening scars and pigmentation
Cayenne – helps increase blood flow to the skin which aids in oxygenation; helps treat acne and blemishes
Witch Hazel – anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial; helps restore skin’s pH levels; also works as an astringent to help clarify the skin
Guava – contains Vitamin K which helps with dark circles, discoloration, and acne irritation; also contains Vitamin C (see above) and Lycopene which helps prevent premature aging
Holy Basil – helps to purify the skin from toxins which aides in the prevention & appearance of acne & pimples
Volcanic Ash Clay – antibacterial & disinfectant qualities; helps detoxify exfoliate the skin; purification & cleansing properties
Activated Bamboo Charcoal – natural acne treatment; helps absorb toxins and impurities from the skin; antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and antimicrobial
Talk about some amazing ingredients and skin care benefits!
image of Mahalo Pele Mask packaging open with volcanic clay-based product visible
According to the directions, simply mix one teaspoon of product with 1-2 teaspoons of pure water and mix.  I went with 1/2 teaspoon of each and it was just enough to cover my entire face.  The product can also be mixed with soy yogurt or organic manuka honey for a more calming experience.  I took my trusty foundation brush (which has become my go-to for mask application) and applied the mixture all over my face.  Treatment time is 20-40 minutes or until the mask is dry.  I left it on for 40 minutes to let it works its magic~~*  From there it was easily removed with a warm wet towel.
Something else I thought was really interesting about this mask is that it can be used as a spot treatment!  I may have to inquire with Mahalo regarding quantities for something like that and how the mixture should be packaged.  If so, I will update that information on here.  
I really felt like this mask did a thorough deep clean.  It should definitely be followed up with some kind of moisturization,  Mahalo recommends their Vitality Elixir, which is Polynesian Tamanu oil infused with more magical powders.  I followed up my application with pure rosehip oil, since I did not have their magic potion on hand, 
I think this is a great go-to mask for some serious detox, especially after the holidays!  
Selfies of me testing the Mahalo Pele Mask

Have you tried any products from the brand MAHALO?  Let me know in the comments!  I am curious about their newest addition, Rare Indigo, a calming and renewing beauty balm.  It just looks so amazingly intriguing!  

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