3 Steps to Maximizing Your Subscription Beauty Box!

I love my subscription beauty boxes!  For a minimal monthly fee, I get to test out a few deluxe sample size products and decide if they are worthy (subjectively) of a full size purchase;)  
What tends to evade most monthly beauty box subscribers is how to maximize their subscription beauty box experience!  Dare I say that some subscribers don’t even use the products?!?!  
With 3 easy steps you can make the most out of your beauty box subscription…For post purposes, I will refer to my Petit Vour subscription (my fave!), but pretty much every other sub service has a similar system in place.  It just takes a little bit of research on your part as the account holder.

Sounds easy right?  Well, I know a LOT of beauty box subscribers that never use their products.  Why oh why even bother subscribing.  You are taking your $10-$20 (or whatever it is) and throwing it out the window.  
Take your products and actually put them in a place where you will use them!  Just last month I completely forgot to unbox my June Petit Vour box and now I am trying my June & July products.  If you put the items in the standard places where you wash your face or paint your nails, chances are you will reach for one of your new samples to try out!  
 Every single beauty box subscription provides the subscriber with the opportunity to review the products for points.  Petit Vour awards 25 points for each product from the beauty box that a subscriber reviews on their site.  1500 PV points are redeemable for $15 off a purchase and 2000 PV points are redeemable for $20 off a purchase.  With Petit Vour, you also get to earn 20% of every shop purchase in PV points.  For example, spend $100, get $20 worth of PV points, 2000 points!  Plus, they have free shipping in the US!  
Everyone is on social media anyways so why not share your beauty box products on there?  Most subscription services run contests on social media for their subscribers.  The Petit Vour July box was co-curated by Thoughtfully Magazine.  Subscribers can share their product pics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest with the hashtags #petitvour and #thoughtfullymag.  
I hope these tips totally help you rock your subscription beauty box!  As you can tell, mine is Petit Vour.  Their motto is Be Bold. Be Kind and they are vegan & cruelty free so they really are my perfect fit!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite subscription service is!  What has been your all-time biggest discovery from a subscription service???
As Always…Stay Beautiful & Cruelty-Free~~*
Love, Lucy Y

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