The 7-Day #GoalGetter Jumpstart

I have been blogging, albeit inconsistently for just over two years.  During those two years I have gone from having months where I posted once to months where I posted 11 times.  I was super inconsistent, lacked direction, and had no idea what it meant to promote my blog posts.  This year has been a total game changer for me!  I am focused on my niche and what I enjoy posting about and have also started to take advantage on the multitude of tools out there to help me not just become a better blogger, but become a better business woman.

Insert Lizz Smoak!  This lady…What can I say?  I first met Lizz at a Blogger’s Block event where she spoke regarding building a personal brand and how to target the right niche audience.  It was a great Q & A session and she really took her time going around the room and addressing everyone’s questions.

Needless to say, I was connecting with this woman.   I joined her email list, and connected with her on Facebook.  I also scheduled a time to Skype with Lizz regarding how she saw my brand, Lucy Valdez, turn into something that was more than just a blog.  Lizz is a creative brand strategist.  Trust me when I tell you that after one conversation you will learn so much about yourself and your business.  First and foremost, I learned that my blog is very much a business and I needed to start treating it as such.

Now yes, Lizz does offer paid services, and at that moment, for me, it just wasn’t in the cards, BUT I was staying connected to Lizz as much as I possibly could.  Then one day (I think it was through her newsletter), I heard about her 7-Day Goal Getter Jumpstart Challenge!  A free challenge to help jump start my business???  Sign me up!  #goalgetter

This was a perfect opportunity to build my business, so I signed right up and requested to join the Facebook Group -> Goal Getters Unite.  I excitedly awaited the first email as the challenge was set to start bright & early Monday morning.  
Each day of the challenge had its own set of calls to action.  Each member of the challenge earned points based on completing their action items & posting in Goal Getters Unite.  There was extra credit for sharing across social media.  You know me!  I am all about some friendly competition:)
Day One was all about setting long term goals.  Now that I look back I think my goals were a little more task driven then what long term goals should be but I feel like they were definitely a means to success.  The rest of the challenge focused on things like identifying ideal clients, value and offerings, branding, tools such as LinkedIn and Canva, overcoming obstacles, and challenging our mindset…Can you believe we focused on all of this in just 7 short days?!?!
After 7 days, the jumpstart challenge came to an end, but really it was just the beginning!  To wrap up, Lizz hosted a live Goal Getter Winner’s Party on her YouTube channel.  This was really a great way to bring our experience to a “close.”  Lizz announced that she was not only celebrating the end of our 7-day challenge, but at that very moment her fiance was at dinner announcing his retirement to his boss.  I dream of the day that my success can help in both my husband and I can pursue our own interests and not have to work for other people!  
This wrap up party reminded me of the first night I met Lizz.  We talked about our experiences during the 7-Day Goal Getter Jumpstart Challenge, she answered our individual questions and together we celebrated our awakenings.  
Finally the time had come!  It was the announcement of the challenge winner.  This was not just a challenge win; this was the win of a scholarship into Lizz’s Be the Brand Academy, an 8-week course designed to understand the power of online brand strategy.  I had my fingers & toes crossed!!!
The winner of the 7-Day Goal Getter Jumpstart Challenge is…
Lucy Valdez!!!
The funny thing is I thought I hadn’t won…I had stepped away from the party to pack my husband’s lunch for work the next day and let the dogs out.  When I came back I saw a few comments congratulating one of the other participants.  Then I started reading back through the older comments and people were congratulating me!  
Lizz also had a random drawing for the participants who were able to attend the Goal Getter Winner’s Party!  Congrats Sonia!  She won a free spot in Lizz’s Social Media Graphics Workshop!  Sonia is the Founder & CEO of the women’s fitness company, Body Circuit for Her.
As I type this I am an active member in Week 3 of Be the Brand Academy with Lizz Smoak.  I highly recommend connecting with her and learning about the possibilities to grow your business.  We have already addressed so much and there are still 5 more weeks so I am beyond thrilled to have this opportunity.  

Feel free to join the Goal Getters United Facebook Group and start building your brand today!!!
Stay Beautiful & Cruelty Free!

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