Lovin’ the Balm Cosmetics-Haul & Review

I have been DYING to try The Balm Cosmetics so needless to say I was super excited when Hautelook had a 50% sale on selected The Balm products ❤  They had this sale once before and by the time I convinced myself to put in an order, most of the items I wanted had already sold out, so when the sale came around again I was not going to sit on my laurels!
Check out all the products I picked up!!!  I figured the best thing to do was try a little bit of everything, plus I wanted to qualify for free shipping so….

Things I love about The Balm Cosmetics:
Synthetic Dye-free
Made in the USA

Please note I have only had the items for a few days so I cannot provide any feedback on long term anti-aging results.
TimeBalm Rose Face Cleaner-For Normal to Combination Skin
*Contains Glycolic & Alpha Hydroxy Acids*
*infused with white tea & rose extract*

TimeBalm Strawberry Nourishing Facial Serum-For Normal to Combination Skin
*provides a boost of Alpha Hydroxy Acids*
*infused with strawberry extract*
TimeBalm Vanilla Oil-Absorbing Face Moisturizer-For Normal to Combination Skin
* oil-free formula infused with special oil absorbing “micro-sponges”*
*infused with white tea & vanilla extract*


Sexy Mama Anti-Shine Translucent Powder
*formula uses revolutionary, tiny, oil-absorbing spheres to remove dreaded shine*
My experience: This is super finely milled and when it says translucent it means translucent…I wish it came with an applicator so that it would travel well, but alas, it does not.  I have been using this in the morning to set my face, and then I have a different compact in my purse (Benefit’s Hello Flawless) that comes with a brush and a sponge for touch-ups.  I like that it is not cakey at all, and it feels like I’m wearing nothing on my face, but sans the shine:)

Cabana Boy Shadow/Blush
*dusty-rose blush with subtle shimmer & plum undertones*
My experience: This is a really lovely blush, but it is super pigmented so be careful to not be heavy-handed.  I really enjoy the subtle shimmer, because it is not overdone at all.  The plum undertones are perfect.  This is a great blush for any look…you can go light or build it up to a darker hue for darker skintones.
Hot Mama Shadow/Blush
*beautiful blush and subtle highlighter; pinky-peach hue with a hint of shimmer*
My experience: I am in love with this product!  It provides the most beautiful peach highlight and I can so it being extremely versatile for the eyes, cheeks and all over for a warm glow.  As with Cabana Boy, it is buildable so you could go for something a little more subtle or something with a fiery glow;)  I have been using it as a highlight on the cheekbones with Cabana Boy as the blush.
Powder/Blush Swatches (left to right):
Hot Mama, Sexy Mama, Cabana Boy


This is probably the item I was most excited to receive! 
NUDE’tude Nude Eyeshadow Palette
*12 beautiful shadows that make wearing nudes sexy!*



Colors names & descriptions by pin-up girl (left to right swatches):

Sassy-subtle frosted white
Snobby-shimmery golden yellow

Stubborn-light frosted peachy pink
 Standoffish-shimmery opalescent pink

Selfish-frosted taupe
Sultry-satiny milk chocolate

Sophisticated-dark brown with bronze shimmer
Seductive-warm brown with bronze frost

Sexy-matte burgundy
Silly-reddish brown with bronze shimmer

Serious-matte black
Sleek-matte dark brown

Check out some of the first looks I created playing with my new makeup:)



I hope you have enjoyed this post!  Go check out The Balm Cosmetics at www.thebalm.com.


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