It’s a Christmas Miracurl from Nail Polish Canada!

BUZZZZ!!!!!  Yes that is my morning alarm and there is no snooze button action going on.  In my house, we are up and running!  Waking up the kids, making breakfast, packing lunches, and headed out the door are the main objectives of every morning as a busy, working mom.  What happens to me you say?  Well, I’m lucky if I have time to put myself together, and sometimes even leave the house without make up on!  My hair is the last thing I worry about, because to be quite honest, the usual tools take way too long, and dare I say are just a tad bit dangerous (and yes, I have the burn on my neck to prove it!).  I usually end up with a pony tail, bun or wearing a headband.  Well, now there is the Babyliss Miracurl!  In just seconds the Miracurl literally sucks your hair right in, curls it, then beeps letting you know it’s done. 


Simply describe why you or a loved one is in need of a Christmas Miracurl at:
In the spirit of a true Christmas Miracurl the winners will be announced Christmas Day!


“This will impact people’s lives. Together we can make a Christmas Miracurl”
– Nikki Smith, VP Glitter *This is our favorite pun ever and we’ve been using it around the office for weeks!

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