Vegan & Cruelty Free Skincare from Zue Botanicals – Green Beauty That Is Giving Back

Zue Beauty Skincare Regimen
Skincare that is vegan, cruelty free, 100% botanical, and consciously giving back to animal and environmental causes? YES PLEASE!!! Recently, I had the opportunity to try out some goodies from the brand, Zue Botanicals 🌿 I was pleasantly surprised to learn how much this brand aligns with my values and I was also happy to learn that it is a local South Florida brand!  You know me…I love supporting local 💚
Keep reading to learn about this brand’s skincare system, its amazing ingredients, and how it gives back to some causes that are definitely near and dear to my heart 🧡 Also I would just like to thank Zue Botanicals for sending over their entire line for me to try 🙏

I am always trying out new skincare!  I love discovering new brands and potentially finding some hidden gems that really fly under the radar.  

When Zue Botanicals contacted me about reviewing their skincare line, I was curious…I had never heard of this brand.  So my first step was checking out their site and seeing what they are all about. Once I confirmed some pretty amazing things, I was excited to give them a try 😍 You will notice that Quinoa Seed Extract is in all of their products.  This is kind of like their secret ingredient!  It decreases sebum production, which is great for acne prone skin.  It aids in the reduction of spots and pigmentation.  It also contains lysine and riboflavin, which aid in the production of collagen and elastin, firming & toning the skin, and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!  🙌🙌🙌 

Let’s talk about each of the items in the Zue Botanicals vegan and cruelty free skincare line, its ingredients, and its GiveBack program that supports animal and environmental causes with each and every purchase 🌎🐶

Zue Beauty Purifying Facial Cleanser
I am kinda glad we are talking about this item first because it was my least favorite so let’s just get it all out.  I think my reason behind this is purely personal preference.  The first thing that threw me off is the scent.  It has an anise note to it that really doesn’t settle well with me…nothing to do with the product itself, but a scent that brings up some unpleasant experiences LOL!  The Purifying Facial Cleanser is also a cream formula, which in terms of facial cleaners is not the formula I prefer.  Aside from those two things, the formula itself is very effective…it is gentle, moisturizing, deep cleans, washing away all the nasties from pollution, impurities, sweat, and oil.  
Quinoa Seed Extract – Rejuvenates and improves the skin with plant-based peptides, supports skin’s ability to produce new, healthy collagen, which improves elasticity and texture. Rich in vitamin B, quinoa helps reduce the appearance of dark spots by brightening the skin

Shea Butter – effective moisturizer which teams up with other ingredients to give skin a glowy boost ✨

Witch Hazel – Naturally astringent, removes debris and toxins to helps shrink the look of pores, calm skin and provide a healthy, gorgeous complexion

Fennel Fruit Oil – Tones and revitalizes skin’s evenness 

Lemon Verbena – Detoxifying benefits, helps keep complexion clean, clear and toned

Zue Beauty Exfoliating Facial Scrub
If you are looking for a gentle daily exfoliant, the Zue Botanicals Exfoliating Facial Scrub is there for you!  I tend to go for something a little more powerful when it comes to facial scrubs but this is a great option for anyone looking for something that won’t be too harsh or irritating, especially for those of you with sensitive skin.  Using micro apricot seeds, it sloughs away dead skin cells, and leaves skin feeling younger and fresher looking.  This formula also improves skin’s tone, texture, and radiance,  and promotes an even complexion.  Because it is so gentle, it also leaves skin hydrated and SUPER soft 💗
Now let’s take a look at some of its beautiful ingredients…Along with the Quinoa Seed Extract found in all their products 🠋
Sesame Oil – An intensive moisturizer that leaves skin with a super soft feeling
Apricot Seed Oil – 100% natural non~plastic apricot seeds nourish and protect skin while fortifying it
Macadamia Oil – hydrates skin and absorbs quickly, leaving it with an ultra-smooth sensation

Aloe Vera – one of nature’s best ingredients & also one of my all~time favorites 🌿 It helps calm, moisturize and restore skin for a radiance-enhanced look

Zue Beauty Soothing Facial Toner
My name is Lucy, and I am a facial mist addict 🤣 I have 2-3 toners floating around and in my rotation on a daily basis.  I mist and/or tone after I cleanse my face in the morning, and I mist throughout the day to refresh and cool down my skin.  I love in South Florida and the heat can get pretty brutal, especially in the Spring and Summer months.  I will break a sweat at 6am just taking the dogs out to pee 💦 LOL!  I also mist and/or tone at night right before I put on serums and moisturizers.  This one from Zue Botanicals is probably the most gentle formula I’ve every tried.  Their Soothing Facial Toner is alcohol~free and fragrance~free and their formula really helps to purify, tighten, and brighten the skin, while refining pores, and getting the skin ready for moisturizer and makeup 👸 
Along with Quinoa Seed Extract, this toner has some very nice and soothing ingredients that are great for all skin types 🠋

Cucumber Extract – Helps keep skin moisturized while discouraging oil buildup. Gives skin a refreshed, hydrated, even-toned complexion 

Vitamin B5 – Deeply hydrates & revitalizes skin while supporting it’s natural repair processes

Rice Proteins – Help retain skin’s moisture which helps shield and protect it from the environment. It supports skin’s cell renewal, leaving skin with a smooth, soft and fresh complexion
Zue Beauty Daily Facial Moisturizer
This moisturizer may be my favorite in the whole bunch!  It is incredibly lightweight and the formula has the texture of a moisturizer combined with a mattifying primer.  It leaves my skin super soft and cancels out any oiliness or shine.   While I am a dry skin girl, I still do get oily in my t-zone, especially on really hot days 🌞 I have also used it under makeup and have been able to skip the primer step because this really does a great job!  I usually tend to have a hard time with foundations breaking up, especially when I use a serum or moisturizer that is more oil~based.  I had no issues with this, especially with my more green beauty foundations 💚 The Zue Botanicals Daily Facial Moisturizer is noncomedogenic, nourishes, softens, and evens skin tone, boosts hydration, and definitely leaves the skin healthy, natural and feeling silky!  
Key ingredients in this goodie are equally as amazing…and don’t forget that it also includes that Quinoa Seed Extract 😉
Benzoin Extract – This essential oil has astringent properties that help maintain a healthy complexion and diminish the look of pores, while tightening and smoothing skin for an even, youthful appearance

Vitamin B5/Vitamin E – deeply hydrate your skin while supporting skin’s natural repair process, nourishing and soothing properties

Green Tea – native antioxidant power, green tea extract helps support skin’s natural protective and detoxifying qualities against external toxins.  It invigorates the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 🍵
Zue Beauty Restoring Night Cream
Last, but certainly not least, is the Zue Botanicals Restoring Night Cream.  This night repair is right up there with the Daily Facial Moisturizer for me.  The formula is lightweight and absorbs quickly, not make me feel like I’m leaving half of my skincare on my pillow 💤 There is not much more I can really say about this product, except that it’s good!  It’s designed to boost elasticity and firmness for dry or aging skin, without it being overly oily or a little too rich.  It’s also noncomedogenic so it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts, and it nourishes and reinforces the skin’s moisture barrier, which is perfect for a pillow face sleeper like me.  This  Restoring Night Cream may be the hidden gem of the entire collection ⭐
Let’s talk ingredients!  Along with the magical Quinoa Seed Extract, there are some more great ingredients on the list 🠋
Seaweed – helps cleanse blemish~prone skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It is rich in antioxidants, minerals and omega fatty acids that promote radiant skin; another personal favorite 😍

Gotu Kola – promotes skin elasticity while adding a healthy glow

Vitamin A/Retinyl Palmitate – improves the appearance of skin’s texture, leaving it feeling softer and smoother

Tea Tree Oil – rids pollution and impurities from skin’s surface. Plus, it’s the perfect ally to diminish the appearance of blemishes. It’s an essential part of a daily skincare regimen

OK, so now that I have finished giving you all the deets on the vegan & cruelty free Zue Botanicals skincare line, let’s talk about their GiveBack Program!

Zue Beauty GiveBack Program
Photo Credit: Zue Botanicals
Every 3 months, Zue Botanicals selects one animal or environmental cause to support.  Every product purchased during this period directly supports the current cause.  As a customer, you don’t have to do a thing!  Just buy the products you like and a part of the proceeds will be automatically donated 💰 That’s it!  At the end of the 3rd month, Zue will actually send you pictures and videos of the results of the donation 💖
The current cause is one that I LOVE!  Family Dog Rescue gives dogs in need of a second chance the opportunity to live a better life 🐶 From the “underdogs” of the shelters in southern California to the street dogs of Mexico, Family Dog Rescue has been nationally recognized for its work with blind, deaf, and physically disabled dogs.  As the mom of a special dog, when I read about this rescue I knew I had to support this brand!  I hope you do as well 🙏
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Have A Beautiful Day! Love, Lucy~~*

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