Woman Owned Indie Brand Spotlight + Get to Know the CEO: Stephanie Warren, Dimension Nails

Dimension Nails Vegan & Cruelty Free Woman Owned Indie Brand

I love my cruelty free community 💖 Thanks to all of my social media friends out there, I have found, tried, and connected with so many different amazing brands!  Hence one of the reasons I really wanted to focus on giving back this year, and highlighting some of the brands I have worked with and am so thankful for 🙏 Let me introduce you to Stephanie Warren, the CEO of the vegan and cruelty free nail polish brand, Dimension Nails 💅

I discovered the brand, Dimension Nails, right on Instagram! I was scrolling through my feed, and one of the Florida bloggers I had connected with, Nicole over at Reasonable Raven, had posted a nail polish collaboration.  I, of course, had to check out the brand, and discovered that DN was owned by another really fabulous Florida woman named Stephanie Warren.  I sent Stephanie a message and we have been friends ever since.  Her polishes are amazing, and I also had the opportunity to collaborate with her on a mineral eyeshadow pigment.  I was over the moon with the opportunity and so happy with the resulting color, Zen 💙 It is the most beautiful, vibrant royal blue, and the pigmentation is outrageous! 😍

I even have a coupon code to share with you! For 20% off your order, use crueltyfreelucy20 at Dimension Nails, a vegan and cruelty free indie nail polish brand 💖

Stephanie is quite the fierce warrior!  She is super passionate about her compassion mission, grows  a lot of her own fruits & veggies, puts in a lot of time to take care of her body (both in & out), and is a die hard vegan 💚  I have nothing but the utmost respect for this girl boss!  I asked her five questions about her DN and her responses are incredibly inspiring 😍  Check it out!

1 – What was your inspiration for creating Dimension Nails?

Dimension Nails was actually started from nail stickers. We had the first ever peel, stick, and paint 3D stickers. My father and I came up with them. I was watching Face Off, a movie makeup show, and I thought how cool it would be to create that sort of stuff on your nails. After many concepts and ideas, the stickers were born. Because the products were very new to the industry, we only had one manufacturer who knew how to make them. For personal reasons the owner took a leave of absence and we couldn’t produce the product, so we closed. During that time, I became a vegan. It has brought me so much joy in my personal life I wanted to share that with others. So, we re-opened the business with the goal of spreading awareness about veganism through nail polish.

2 – What did you do before Dimension Nails and how did you make it happen for yourself?

Before Dimension Nails I was a bartender on St. Pete Beach. I started the brand while I was still bartending. It came to a point where I decided to quit my job and go all in with the brand. I saved up some money and left my bar job. There has been a lot of ups and downs, not to mention many sacrifices, but I’m happy I did.

3 – What keeps you motivated, especially on the daily, to continue growing your brand?

First, I love doing my own thing. It’s a lot of fun! There are days though, when I cry because the work that needs to be done is never ending, overwhelming, and getting ahead just doesn’t seem to exist… Those are some challenges, but I’ve never felt like I wanted to quit. I’m the type of person who believes there is always a way to get it all done. The formula just needs to be discovered and precise. Waking up every day with the desire to accomplish everything I want out of this life is the most inspiring and exciting thing to me. That’s what keeps me motivated. And I am truly blessed to have my inspiration come from within. That is something I don’t take for granted.

4 – Where do you see Dimension Nails going in the future? What is next?

I have a lot of goals for Dimension Nails. One of my main goals is to make the biggest impact in the lives of animals as I can. I have loved animals, and doing my nails, ever since I was a child. I wanted to be a veterinarian, but when in college, I found out hospital life wasn’t for me. So, it’s not a surprise I ended up where I am today. I want to give back as much as I can and be as active as I can in the vegan movement. I want people to know it’s not just about nail polish for me or the brand. It’s about change, love, compassion, and life. I am also working on new products all the time that give healthier options to many of the current products in the industry. Veganism I also believe is about health. So, I’m always looking to find new things to add to our growing collection of products. Lastly, I would love to have a salon one day!

5 – If you could give any one piece of advice to a fellow indie brand owner, what would it be?

Be patient. This doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen in one year. Be ready to give 4 years to it consistently. I’m in year 2 right now after we re-opened with polish. It’s a learning process. Some things work some things don’t and it’s our job to figure all that out. But quitting is not an option. Give 100% for 4 years and don’t be afraid to re-invent things and/or yourself. This is your journey and all that you need you already possess.

Dimension Nails Vegan & Cruelty Free Woman Owned Indie Brand

Thank you Stephanie for sharing so much about you and your brand, Dimension Nails 💅

I know that we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this brand!  I am super excited to see what other vegan and cruelty free goodies Stephanie has up her sleeve 😉

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Have a Beautiful Day, Love Lucy~~*
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