9 Vegan Home Remedies for Healthy Glowing, and Beautiful Skin

9 Vegan Home Remedies for Healthy, Glowing and  Beautiful Skin
Veganism is on the rise! More people are identifying as vegans. more than any other time in history 💚 In the U.S. alone, there’s been a 600 percent increase in vegans in the last three years, with the number of those claiming to be vegan growing from 4 to 6 percent between 2014 and 2017. This is an inspiring statistic that proves that more people are moving toward a plant~based lifestyle 🍃

A 2016 research study by the Vegan Society also estimated that there are twice as many women than men who are vegan. Some reasons for this are health related, while others are about caring for the concerns of the environment and animal welfare. While these reasons are important, one major concern for women is their skin ~ keeping it beautiful.  Many people desire skin that is flawless, healthy, and beautiful, but finding cruelty-free, vegan products in stores that are suitable for your skin type can be a daunting task.

Natural ingredients are amazing, and there’s so much about the beauty in them that if used over and over, helps maintain clean, beautiful, but most importantly, healthy skin ✨ One of the best options to getting beautiful skin is to consume a diet  with lots of veggies and fruit, since they are so high in vitamins and nutrients. How about using natural, plant~based ingredients to pamper our skin???

Here’s a guide for vegan home remedies to keep your skin feeling healthy & looking beautiful so you can put your best face forward 😉

Coconut Oil
1.   Coconut Oil 🌴
It is really important to understand your skin type first. Not only does it help in our overall skincare, but also in deciding on the most appropriate remedies. Coconut oil works wonders especially for dry skin. Massage some coconut oil into your skin in circular, but gentle motions, that help get blood flowing, thus helping your skin remain radiant and supple. For oily or sensitive skin, try using an oatmeal mask, which not only absorbs excess oil, but oats help calm irritated or inflamed skin. To exfoliate, sugar facial scrubs are a natural way of getting rid of uneven or unwanted pigmentation, as well as acne marks.
2.   Bananas 🍌
Bananas are rich in essential minerals and nutrients like vitamins C, B6, and potassium. The sweet tropical delight is a staple of any healthy vegan diet, and can be used as a moisturizing face mask for dull, dry, and damaged skin. Add small amounts of turmeric powder and baking soda to a bowl of mashed banana to combat acne breakouts and oily skin 😊

Bright, Vibrant Fruit
3.   Bright, Vibrant Fruits 🍊
A balanced diet full of vitamins A, C, and E enables your skin to regenerate older cells while maintaining a blemish~free and healthy complexion. The first rule for glowing skin is eating bright, vibrant fruits such as kiwi, strawberries, and oranges.  These give your skin a daily dose of the much~needed vitamin C for supple, soft skin. Eating right also keeps you physically & mentally fit. You ooze confidence & deliver better productivity 🍓

Dark, Leafy Greens
4.   Dark, Leafy Greens 🌿
Dark green veggies are critical in maintaining healthy levels of vitamin A and iron in your body, allowing for the continuous production and growth of cells.  They keep your skin firm, and are often cited as sources of age~defying qualities. Eat a portion or more of veggies like spinach, kale, sweet potatoes and carrots every day, so your skin can stay looking youthful and firm, while replacing older cells with newer ones.
5.   Tomatoes 🍅
Tomatoes contain some major healing nutrients, such as potassium and vitamin C that restore your skin’s natural glow while toning up your skin and keeping it looking clean. Loaded with antioxidants, tomatoes works on restoring damaged skin, and increasing firmness it to keep wrinkles at bay. Applying a thin coat of tomato juice on your face, then rinsing it off after 20 minutes helps tighten it,and leaves it hydrated and looking beautiful. Did somebody say girls’ night with Bloody Marys???  I’m all about drinking my skincare benefits 🍹

6.   Avocados 🥑
Avocados are a great moisturizer besides being a delicious ingredient to pretty much anything…Can you tell I’m a fan?!?! Their benefits are definitely manifold. These magical fruit are rich in oils that keep your skin healthy, smooth, and glowing, leaving you looking young and beautiful.  For some #metime pampering, blend a cup of chopped avocados and apply as a mask on your face and neck. Leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. A different twist to this mask is adding some vegan yogurt and/or olive oil, and then applying that to improve skin cells and work on wrinkles.  Or just have some nachos and guacamole! Am I right?!?! 🥗
7.   Cucumbers 🥒
Besides being a great anytime snack, cucumber is known for its anti~aging properties as it helps tighten pores, reduce water retention around the eyes, and nourish your skin.  You can also use it as an exfoliator, applying it topically to your skin, as it helps remove dull and dead skin cells. It is rich in vitamins A, K, and C, plus its high water levels allows your skin to stay hydrated and moisturized, reducing skin irritation, puffiness, and helping its firmness.  Cucumbers also contain silica that helps treat sunburns as it penetrates deep into your skin, healing and repairing it. A face mask containing grated cucumber, crushed mint leaves, and aloe vera will help brighten and refresh your skin.

8.   Carrots 🥕
Carrots aren’t just good for your eyes; they’re also great for your skin.  As a rich source of vitamins A and C, carrots are a great source of antioxidants, which means drinking a glass of carrot juice prior to having your breakfast is a great way to detox your body.  The healing properties in carrots help improve the appearance of your skin while also reducing inflammation.

9.   Zucchini 🥒
Adding zucchini to your diet and beauty regimen is a great way of reducing aging and wrinkles on your skin.  They contain vitamin A, B6, C, and K, plus manganese, which help boost your immunity and reduce inflammation.  Zucchini also contains antioxidants that also help repair damaged skin.

Whether you have dry, acne~prone, or oily skin, using natural remedies are good for everyone. These nine vegan home remedies using plant-based staples will help fight wrinkles, protect your skin from dryness and burns, and clear your complexion.  Getting that natural glow has never been easier!

Have A Beautiful Day, Love, Lucy~~*

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