5 Delish Vegan Donut Recipes for National Doughnut Day

Mermaid Doughnuts
As a vegan, one of the hardest things to deal with is the lack of baked goods in available in restaurants and stores…Going to your local donut shop for a coffee and donut can be difficult depending on where you live 😢 Luckily there are vegan eateries popping up all over the country as the vegan movement continues to grow 😍 
If your local area has yet to have a vegan cafe or market in your area, have no fear…I have rounded up 5 delicious, vegan doughnut recipes…most of which are super easy and quick!  These donuts will make celebrating National Doughnut Day easy and pretty darn tasty too! 🍩

Lucky for me, I do have a local vegan bakery near me that makes some bomb vegan donuts and pastries!  If you are in the South Florida area, I highly recommend checking out Parlour Vegan Bakery 💗 Everything…and I mean everything is AMAZING!  For my daughter’s 16th birthday we actually special ordered their Dunkaroo cake 🎂 No one could believe that this delicious cake was vegan!  They also won me over very quickly with their empanadas and Harry Potter inspired Butterbeer cupcakes 👍 But I digress…let’s get back to the donuts!

If you are looking to create some delicious vegan goodness at home, just keep scrolling for a round up of the best vegan doughnut recipes I could find!  Trust me, it’s going to be pretty hard settling on just one to celebrate!

Minimalist Baker Chocolate Donuts
Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

Click Here for Recipe

I love recipes from Minimalist Baker.  Her name really says it all…the recipes are simple, easy & delicious.  Before becoming a vegan, my fave go-to doughnut was chocolate on chocolate 🍫 I am sure these donuts will not disappoint! 
A Virtual Vegan Raspberry Donuts
Photo Credit: A Virtual Vegan

Click Here for Recipe

The pink icing on these vegan raspberry donuts from A Virtual Vegan sucked me in!  They are gorgeous and would make for such a yummy summer treat.  They really do look and sound super flavorful and refreshing 🌞

The Best Vegan Doughnuts You’ll Ever Eat from The Rose & Bean 🌹

The Rose & Bean Best Vegan Donuts
Photo Credit: The Rose and Bean

Click Here for Recipe

These doughnuts From The Rose & Bean totally take me back to what the display case looks like at a local shop!  All the different icings and toppings…come on!  The possibilities are endless!  Hello crumbled Oreo topping, you accidentally vegan cookie that happens to also be my fave cookie ever!
Vegan Yum Yum Mini Donuts
Photo Credit: Vegan Yum Yum

Click Here for Recipe

These have to be the most adorable little doughnuts I have ever seen!  They are dainty and cute and eating one doesn’t count right???  They are the perfect size for dunking into coffee ☕ They almost remind me of the petit fours that Alice (in Wonderland) happened upon in her adventures ✨

The Best Damn Vegan Brioche Doughnut from Holy Cow Vegan 🐮

Holy Cow Vegan Brioche Doughnuts
Photo Credit: Holy Cow Vegan

Click Here for Recipe

These are some fancy freaking donuts!  No extra toppings, no sprinkles of bright colors. but they look so soft and delicious in their simplicity 😍 The vanilla glaze adding just the right amount of flavor and texture!  A great recipe from Holy Cow Vegan!

How are you going to be celebrating National Doughnut Day this year???  Will you be trying out any of these recipes or do you have your own recipe up your sleeve? 

Let me know in the comments 🍩😘

Have a Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*

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