7 Easy, Foolproof Tips For Repairing Your Dry, Damaged Hair Naturally & Cruelty Free

7 Easy, Foolproof Tips For Repairing Your Dry, Damaged Hair Naturally & Cruelty Free blog title

Dry and damaged hair happens; it is not only a part of aging but happens as a result of the chemicals, styling processes, and the environment it is exposed to daily.  The good news is that it can be fixed. While the damage seems to occur overnight, it is actually a slow process.  So, you need to remember that it will take time and commitment to restore your hair back to health.  Keep reading for seven tips to encourage your hair to bounce back to health and to prevent dryness from returning.

How to Repair Damaged Hair Naturally

1 – Catch It Early

As with anything negative, the earlier you find out about it the better.  When you start to notice split ends or frizz, you have damaged hair.  Keeping watch for these signs can help you to restore the natural shine and health to your hair much more quickly.  The more damage that is done, the longer it takes to fix.  The good news is that once you see the signs of damage, you can switch up your routine to start new healthier practices that not only repair the damage but will prevent it from occurring again.

Woman Getting Her Hair Trimmed
2 – Nothing A Trim Can’t Fix 💇

When your hair starts to look dry and like straw, you need a trim. Remove as many split ends as you can find.  Regular pruning prevents the split from traveling further up your hair.  A trim every six weeks is ideal.  You do not have to cut off all your hair to get good results, just enough to get rid of the dead weight.  Any length you leave can be treated.  It makes a big difference when your new hair can grow without being tied down by broken strands.  If your hair is in really bad shape, a short cut will remove all damage, giving you a fresh start.  For those who are not so brave, regular trims will remove dry, damaged ends.
3 – Avoid Styling

Don’t panic, this is not forever.  Styling needs to be minimized when your hair is in a damaged state. Blow dryers and irons can cause further damage, which means your hair will never get the chance to heal.  The best approach is to let your hair dry naturally and you can even apply a restorative styling treatment.  If you absolutely have to use heat, then apply a fortifying leave-in conditioner before and a protective spray afterward.

Woman Blow Drying Her Hair

4 – No Chemicals or Color

Just as with styling, chemicals and hair dye need to be left at the store, for now.  The processes cause severe internal and external damage to your hair. Your hair will never be able to recover unless you give it time.  There are alternative treatments to perms and straighteners that you can try in the interim such as temporary smoother formulas or a strong setting lotion and rollers.  At least during the recovery period, the more natural you can leave your hair, the stronger it will become.  Of course, if you return to harsh chemicals and colors, without taking care, the damage will return. Trust me, this one is tough for those of us that color our hair every 4 weeks!
5 – Sulfate Free

Always use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners and not just during the times you want to repair your hair.  The more natural the cleanser, the fewer chemicals and toxins are being soaked into your hair, but be sure to do your research[1-Please note not all branded listed in this link are cruelty free]  because not all natural shampoos and conditioners are created equal.  Additionally, always wash with lukewarm water because hot water damages hair.  Shampoos and conditioners with natural oils and herbs are ideal so look for ones that contain aloe Vera, argan oil, Shea butter, and proteins to give your hair the nourishment it needs to heal and remain strong and healthy.
6 – Stay Protected

You are doing your best to protect your hair from chemicals, but you also need to protect it from the environment.  Too much sun or swimming will gradually damage your hair and prevent it from growing in healthy.  If you know you will be in the sun or at the pool all day, be sure to give your hair a nice hydrating treatment before and after.
7 – Stay Healthy

A healthy body means healthy hair.  If you are malnourished you are essentially depriving your hair and every other body part.  A balanced diet containing vitamins and minerals, as well as ,plenty of water, is a great way to promote a healthy you overall.  Specific foods can increase the health of your hair directly such as omega-3 oils, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. In general if you are healthy, your hair will be healthy, too.

Woman With Long, Beautiful Braid

Repairing Damaged Hair At Home

Now that you know what to look for and what to do, all you have to do is switch up your hair care routine for  the perfect hair treatment for damaged hair without having to go to a salon.
●    Use mild cleansers and focus on your scalp when washing.  The rest of the hair will get cleansed as you rinse and this protects your lengths from too much tension.

●    Use a deep conditioner on the length of your hair only.  Conditioner on the scalp can clog pores and prevent growth.

●    Wrap your hair in a towel and do not wring it out or rub it dry.  The towel can remove the moisture for you. Twisting wet hair can cause more damage.

●    Use a wide toothed comb and work from the bottom up when brushing.

●    Apply warm oils to the length of your hair a few times a week, starting at the ends.

●    Wash your hair as little as possible so as not to strip your hair of the essential and natural oils your scalp produces.

Do you have any great tips for repairing damaged hair??? Let me know in the comments! What are some favorite products you use for pampering your mane???
Have A Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*

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