How to Find the Perfect Nude Lipstick for Every Skin Tone


Nude lipstick has recently come to the forefront of the makeup industry thanks to the likes of celebrities, models, and social media influencers swearing by this natural looking shade of lipstick. Lipstick colors usually look moist and vibrant, with the idea of having everyone focus on your lips. It used to be that one makeup product that had to stand out on your face, so it just makes sense that its color must be a standout, too.

The past few years have celebrated this “no makeup” makeup look. There has been so much clamor on makeup that looks natural, with people having any no idea that you’re wearing any makeup at all. This au naturale look is even more appealing these days with the era of “diva” makeup swiftly going by the wayside, thanks to celebrities like Alicia Keys. The more natural you look, the better it is these days, and seriously, when has going natural ever gone out of style? The key to this au naturale look is finding that perfect lip shade! Keep reading for two sure fire tips to finding that nude lippie to complement your skin tone 💄

As with any other makeup product, nude lipstick does not come in just one shade. There are many different nude shades to choose from and it can be confusing picking the one that is right for you. K-Beauty, the hub of makeup innovation, is no stranger to the nude lipstick craze, with a wide range of hues available in South Korea.

With such a wide range of nude lipstick shades to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? There are so many options available, and it can get confusing to select products that are complimentary for your skin tone and lip color. Often, store personnel offer conflicting advice, so you are further left in the dark as to how to determine which nude lipstick to buy.

Here are some surefire ways to help you figure out which nude lipstick is the best for you!

Check the Color of Your Nipples 😉

This advice may sound crazy, but it is not ill-founded. Doctors’ Dr. Stork said that the best nude lipstick could be determined by the color of your nipples! Nipple color is an excellent guide to give you an idea of what nude lipstick suits you. While some swear by this guide, others find it questionable. The best thing to do is try this advice and see how it works.

Use Your Skin Tone As A Guide 💗

When choosing your lipstick shade, remember that its hue should complement your skin tone. This means that the lipstick shade and your skin color should blend together seamlessly. As a guide, if you have a fair skin tone, you can use shades that are on the lighter side, including pastel colors. If you have an olive skin tone, it is a great choice to go with caramel shades. More of a medium skin tone? Try using pinks and peaches to complement your skin tone perfectly. A shimmery shade is a nice way to naturally complement the bronze glow of darker skin tones.

So what do you do next??? I think that finding your perfect nudie lip shade will take some practice, but practice definitely makes perfect!

Have you found your Holy Grail nude lippie? Let me know in the comments!!! 💋

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