100% Natural, Organic, Chemical-Free + Cruelty Free Body Rubs by SimplyScrub

SimplyScrub 100% Organic Body Scrubs hero shot
It shouldn’t come as a surprise to find a skincare review on my site…Recently I have developed a complete love for skincare products that cater to my body.  Don’t get me wrong…I love facial skincare but sometimes I felt like I was neglecting my body sometimes and I could feel rough patches developing on my elbows and knees.  Also, let’s not talk about the mermaid scales on my legs if I wasn’t moisturizing…LOL! 🐠
Recently I had the opportunity to add a few new scrubs to my repertoire.  The brand, SimplyScrub, was kind enough to send me a few full & sample sizes of their complete line of 100% organic, chemical free, natural, and cruelty free body rubs.  Keep reading to check out my thoughts on these scrubs and to learn about their vegan options as well 😙🌴 Spoiler Alert!  There’s a giveaway in here somewhere 🎁

SimplyScrub has created four body scrubs to help the skin regenerate and look amazing 💓 

Using 100% all natural, organic, chemical free, and cruelty free ingredients, they have created four formulas that target different concerns someone might have with their skin.  For me primarily, I am most concerned with age spots, dry skin, rough patches, anti aging, etc…In other words, I want to look fabulous and glowing 🌟 

“We spent two years doing some matchmaking, finding out which all-natural, all-organic ingredients made skin the happiest when their powers combined.”


I truly believe there is magic at work when it comes to using ingredients like rosebud petals, Dead Sea mineral salts, jojoba oil, and cacao 🌹 This is just to name a few…Two of the four scrub options are also vegan…one of which is my absolute favorite!  When SimplyScrub reached out, I wanted to make sure they had vegan options. While I have been cruelty free for quite a few years, I recently made the decision to use only vegan products as well.  The Rose Body Scrub, as well as, the Soursop Body Scrub are both vegan, while the Chocolate and Coffee options both contain honeycomb.  They did send me deluxe samples of both…so I was thinking maybe a giveaway?!?!  Let me know in the comments 😉

How do you body scrub?  We all must have a routine I’m sure 🚿 

I personally, love to start with a nice, hot shower.  I shampoo my hair, and while my shampoo works, I wash my face.  Then I condition, and while that works, I wash my body just to get off that top layer of dirt, dust, sweat, etc…like a clean canvas so to speak…From there, I rinse off and then shut off the water.  By this point, it’s nice and steamy and this is where the scrub comes in!  I open my jar, and use the cute little wooden spoon it came with to scoop out and start rubbing myself down!!!  There is no shame in the body scrub game people…LOL!

Rose Scrub 

I happen to love everything roses🌹  This vegan body scrub has totally won me over.  It is a looser, lighter formula and leaves my skin so soft and oh how the scent lingers! Rose petals are actually dense rich in essential oils that help keep inflammation at bay, and do an amazing job of keeping the skin looking supple and moisturized.  Then there are all the other lovely ingredients in there that can do no wrong 💖 I also love how this scrub makes me feel!  It really gives me that sense of just stepping out of the spa and channeling my inner goddess 🌎Dare I say, I even feel a bit sexy smelling so romantic and lovely?!?!
SimplyScrub 100% Organic Rose Body Scrub

SimplyScrub 100% Organic Rose Body Scrub open

Soursop Scrub

I was so intrigued by this particularly curious about SimplyScrub’s Soursop.  I was ecstatic to learn it was also vegan, because I really wanted to try it 🎉I had no idea what soursop even was?!?!  Now I know it is actually consumed quite a bit in Latino cultures, and we fondly know it as guanabana!  This tropical plant is native to South America, Africa, and southeast Asia.  Its leaves are rich in vitamins A, C, and E, which help soothe the skin of conditions such as eczema, rashes, and dry, flaky spots.  I noticed right away how luxurious this scrub was!  I would definitely describe it as a balm-like texture and much richer than the rose scrub.  This is a great option for days when extra moisturization is needed and the skin craves that extra TLC.
SimplyScrub 100% Organic Soursop Body Scrub

SimplyScrub 100% Organic Soursop Body Scrub open

Coffee & Chocolate Scrubs

SimplyScrub also has a chocolate scrub and coffee scrub.  Both of these scrubs contain honeycomb, making them vegetarian. but not vegan.  I did not try these but I would love to gift them to one of my readers.  Let me know in the comments which one you would love to try and why 🎁 I will pick two readers at random:)  Keep in mind, these scrubs are NOT vegan.  #GiveawayAlert
SimplyScrub Coffee Scrub and Chocolate Scrub
Share the cruelty free love and connect with SimplyScrub 💝
Don’t forget to find the giveaway instructions somewhere in this post to win either the SimplyScrub Coffee or Chocolate Body Scrub deluxe samples.  I look forward to reading your comments!!! 🎁
Have A Beautiful Day, xoxo Lucy~~*
Disclosure: I received these products complimentary in exchange for my 100% unbiased feedback and review.  All thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

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