5 Staycation Beauty Essentials for Great Skin + Jane Iredale’s Pure & Simple Makeup Kit

5 Staycation Beauty Essentials for Great Skin + Jane Iredale's Pure & Simple Makeup Kit hero shot
When it comes to traveling or staycationing I am all about simplicity!  I travel light and make the most of everything I pack.  I also try to pack things that serve a multi-functional purpose…why not pick two apples from one tree?!?!  A cute maxi can easily become a beach cover-up and  a beach bag is easily my go-to purse 👛
The same principle works with my beauty essentials when it comes to travel.  I pack minimally but I make sure that everything I do bring packs a one-two skincare punch!  Keep reading for some of my favorite staycation essentials for great skin and a review of the perfect palette for travel, the Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit 💛


Living in South Florida, a staycation is not very far fetched and usually includes sun, sand and the salty surf 🌞🌊.  No alarms, just waking up with the sun reflecting through a window knowing my day will just consist of rest and relaxation…I love bringing a cleanser with me that is synonymous with those tropical vibes.  One of my personal favorites is the Pacifica Beauty Sea Foam Complete Natural Face Wash 💙 This stuff is so awesome!  I love how it smells, it gives a nice deep clean, and leaves my skin feeling ready for the day ahead 😎


After cleansing. I am all about magic serums!  The 100% Pure Organic Cucumber Juice Renewal Serum is just that 🥒 This serum is so refreshing and lightweight.  It is super hydrating leaving skin supple and healthy looking, which goes very well with a sunkissed glow!  I like hydrating as much as possible before I head out so that I start my day ahead of the game.  The scent is also very nice with a subtle hint of cucumbers and the formula is almost somewhat aloe gel like which I think helps to actually cool the skin.  

Organic Cucumber Juice Renewal Serum


Moisturizer is a must!  It creates a nice supple canvas for any other skincare or makeup products. On staycation I like to keep it simple so I go straight from moisturizer to either SPF or an easy, natural makeup look.  I try to find moisturizers with SPF in them already but those are a bit hard to come by. A personal fave is the Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer with SPF47.    I tend to reach for this one a lot when I’m not going to wear makeup or my foundation doesn’t contain any sun protection.  A nice, lightweight moisturizer that is a ride or die for me is the Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer. This works great, but doesn’t have SPF so I like to follow it up with a BB/CC/Foundation that already contains a nice, healthy level of sun protection.  At night, I like to really lay it on thick…What I mean by that is I like to use a super hydrating moisturizer.  The OSEA Advanced Protection Cream is awesome!  I wake up in the morning and my skin already looks amazing!


When it comes to traveling or staycationing I want to pack light for a few reasons.  First off it’s a pain to pack tons of products, especially when it comes to makeup.  Secondly, sometimes travel can take a toll on our precious and beloved makeup goodies.  I have experienced shattered mirrors, crumbling eyeshadows, and lipstick caps coming off…NO THANKS!  An all inclusive palette is definitely the way to go!  For this reason, I love the Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit in the shade medium.  Just toss in a few items like mascara and bronzer, and you’re set!


~Foundation contains SPF20 and antioxidants

~Gentle & safe for sensitive skin & eyes

~Create a soft, natural look with a wash of color
~Lip tint is rich in natural botanicals
~Comes with face & eye tools

This kit is also available in light, medium light, and medium dark.

Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit
Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit shade names

Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit medium shades

Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit shade names

Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit face brush


While staycationing I tend to accumulate build up on my face…whether it be from dirt, sweat, sunscreen, or makeup, I love using a nice exfoliator to remove all the gunk and reset my skin.  The OSEA Vitamin C Probiotic Face Polish is gentle, yet effective enough to remove any gunky buildup and slough away dead skin cells to reveal a bright complexion.  It is actually a powder of finely milled bamboo and rice that is activated with water or can be incorporated into a cleanser for a 1-2 punch.  Another awesome exfoliant is the Georgette Klinger Bamboo Exfoliating Scrub. I just picked this one up on recommendation from another beauty blogger and OMG it is sooo good!  It smells fresh and amazing, and takes me back to the scent of something my mom used to use but I just can’t put my finger on it.  If you are looking for something more affordable, GK is the way to go!

So tell me, what are some of your must pack beauty essentials for a vacation or staycation getaway???  Let me know in the comments! 😘

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary in exchange for my 100% unbiased feedback and review.  All thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

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