My 2nd Stitch Fix Box + The Perfect Fashion Gift for Mother’s Day

I’m sure you are all wondering how Stitch Fix has been coming along!!!  If you didn’t catch my 1st fix you can check it out here 😍 I have really been trying to step up my fashion game and after meeting Stitch Fix at the We All Grow Summit in California, I really wanted to give this styling service a shot!  In a nutshell, Stitch Fix stylists curate five wardrobe items based on a style survey you take when you set up your account.  The five items can be anything from shoes to jewelry, bags, and clothing.  You can actually set it up to receive the types of items you prefer.  When the box shows up, it is honestly so exciting!  From there, you can opt to keep or return the items and provide feedback on your decisions. This feedback helps your stylist to curate the next box.  You also have the option to receive boxes, or fixes, biweekly, monthly, or even seasonally!  
My first box was kind of like a starting point.  I ended up only keeping one item, a necklace.  Why?  Well, there were a few different factors….fit was the biggest factor.  I would say style was a major factor as well.  I decided to continue with Stitch Fix as I knew it would take a few misses before my box was finally a hit.  Keep reading to see if my 2nd fix was good enough to fulfill my #fixobsession! 👚

Before we jump into the box, I just wanted to point out that Sunday is Mother’s Day!  You know what makes a great gift for mom, sister, best friend??? A Stitch Fix gift card!  A gift card from Stitch Fix is more than just a box of clothing…It is an experience:)  There is the preparation in taking the style quiz, there is anticipation waiting for the box to show up on the doorstep, and then there is EXCITEMENT!  When that box finally appears and you carefully cut it open, making sure to not damage any of the goodies inside, there is a major giddiness factor!  I’m telling you from experience…it is freaking awesome 💘 Did I mention that you can buy the cards online and they can be printed or emailed since Mother’s Day is only 2 days away?!?! ✉
Now that I’ve dangled the proverbial carrot of the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, let’s check out what I received in my 2nd Stitch Fix box!

First up, we have the Gorjana Teresa Mini Bar Studs.  These earrings were a pass for me. They were just so small, and I really didn’t think they were worth the price…I don’t have my pricing sheet any longer but they were around $30 if I remember correctly.  Just not my jam.  

Next up in my box was the Hailey 23 Leanndra Jersey Maxi Dress.  I almost pulled the trigger on this dress.  The price was decent, roughly $40-$50, and the quality and print were up there for me!  My only issue with this dress is that I would not be able to wear a regular bra.  I know it seems trivial, BUT for that price and to have a quality item in my wardrobe, I want to be able to feel completely comfortable, especially since I wouldn’t always have a jacket over it since I live in sunny South Florida 🌞

My 2nd Stitch Fix box actually had two dresses!  I think my stylists are really getting to know me!  I love dresses 👗 Much like the Hailey 23 Leanndra dress, the Loveappella Zola Knit Dress was almost a YES ✔.  The fit was absolutely perfect, and the quality and fabric were both really nice.  My only issue was that I could see through the white stripes to what was underneath, and no I won’t go commando 😉 

The last article of actual clothing in my box was the Skies Are Blue Kirkpatrick Cold Shoulder Top.  This top was so pretty!  Even my daughter was like mom I can’t believe you are not keeping this!!!  Well, there was just something about the fit around my hips.  I have pretty wide hips and it more like laid on my hips rather than flow, like a top like this should flow.  The material was soft and the embroidery detail was really lovely, but my darn hips just didn’t cooperate.  Aside from that, I would have totally kept it! 💔  

Last up was a bag…more specifically an oversized clutch.  The Urban Expressions Lia Whipstitch Envelope Clutch…LOVE!!!  I ended up keeping this one and only item from my box.  This bag is so multi-functional.  The neutral color works well with a ton of different outfits, and it can also be used over the shoulder as it comes with a gold attachable chain.  I personally am obsessed with it as a clutch and love the tassel detail.  Most recently, I paired it up with a dress I picked up at my local Buffalo Exchange.  I love that I can play it up or go totally casual with it.  This was a total win for me! 👛

I am super excited to get my May box as I really have a feeling deep down that it is going to hold some perfect Lucy items for me 💜 What did you think of this box???  Would you have kept any of the items I returned???  Let me know in the comments!

Is there a special Mom in your life???  Don’t be that person running around town on Sunday morning trying to buy a last minute present that may not mean very much.  A Stitch Fix gift card is perfect!  Give the Stitch Fix experience…Trust me, it’s more than just a box of clothes  📦

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