New & Recycled Fashion: Buffalo Exchange Now Open in Hollywood, FL

Buffalo Exchange Magazine
One of my favorite things about living in Hollywood, FL is the eccentric shops, restaurants, and cafes.  Our downtown area is a local’s paradise with a food truck night, monthly art walk, and different events held in the central Young Circle Park.  A must do is to sign up on the city’s website for the What’s Happening newsletter!
Thanks to this newsletter I learned about Buffalo Exchange opening up in the downtown Hollywood area, literally like 5 miles away from my house!  Keep reading to learn all about Buffalo Exchange and how I was able to trade clothes in my closet for some new pieces I would never find in a regular department store 👗👒👜👢

Buffalo Exchange Storefront
As soon as I heard Buffalo Exchange was coming to my own neighborhood, I called up my sister from another mister, Dawn from Simply Sassy Style.  Anything fashion related calls for a gal pal to help me make decisions!  We were meeting up for our monthly blogging calendar review at a local cafe, and absolutely made time to stop over at the new Buffalo Exchange location to learn about the buy/sell/trade process and do some shopping 😉
The store has a great spot really close to Young Circle Park which is perfect for all the people that tend to make their way around the circle and walk up and down Hollywood Blvd.  Their exact address is 1916 Hollywood Blvd, located on the south side of Hollywood Blvd, just west of Young Circle Park.  
Buffalo Exchange Door with Signage
The entrance is extremely inviting with huge windows on either side of the main entrance. I love that the windows go all the way up and are not tinted so you can really get a good look inside the store, plus all that natural sunlight is just amazing 🌞 Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!  I also love how they have the mannequins dressed up in some of the latest and newest trends and pieces coming into the store 👚👖
So I did my homework before making plans to visit Buffalo Exchange.  Yes, I am that person that looks up a restaurant menu so I can pick out what I am going to eat ahead of time…it gets me all giddy and excited to know what I can look forward to!  LOL!  

OK so let me give you the low down…Buffalo Exchange is not your typical thrift store; at BE clothing is bought, sold and traded with local customers.  

Knowing this, I came in with a bag of some work/professional clothing that I no longer wore, was freshly laundered and in good condition.
Buffalo Exchange Buy Sell Trade
Upon walking into Buffalo Exchange, we had the pleasure of meeting the Store Manager, Monet, and she walked me through the process with the clothing I had brought in with me.  She went through my bag of clothing, inspecting all of it carefully and let me know if Buffalo was interested in buying any of it from me.  I will say, they may not buy everything.  They do try to buy based on current trends.  For example, at the moment they are looking for fresh fabrics and light layers for Spring.  
Some of what I brought in was not bought and they conveniently have a donation bin so I didn’t have to take it home with me!  Either way, my clothes are finding a new home so I was ecstatic!  With the clothing that they did want to buy I was given two choices:

Cash In-Store 


Store Trade

I was all about the store trade because I wanted to do some shopping, plus if you opt for store trade you actually get more in credit than if you opted for the cash.  Because I was covering my visit on my blog, Buffalo Exchange was incredibly generous to provide me with a $25 gift card!  Thank you BE 💋 I actually ended up spending all my store trade credit, my $25 gift card, plus more out of pocket because I found so much cute stuff!
Buffalo Exchange Clothing Evaluation

Once I knew how much store trade I had it was time to go shopping!  Let me tell you there is so much to look at and it is so well organized!  Nice job Buffalo Exchange 👍

Dawn and I had so much fun going through all the racks!  I happen to love vintage pieces quite a bit and they actually had a vintage section for those extra special items 💙 
Shopping the Buffalo Exchange Racks

I tried on so many different clothing options, from tops to dresses and pants!  

Buffalo Exchange Friendly Staff

The staff was incredibly friendly and so helpful!  

As you can see, our visit to Buffalo Exchange was a huge success and I will definitely be going back to do more shopping!  I am hoping that Hollywood, FL treats this store well and it really becomes a permanent fixture in our downtown area!  This is actually their first location in the entire state!!!  I do know that while I was there, I was posting a few pics on IG and a lot of my fellow Hollywoodians commented how they love this place!  

According to the store, they will be having an official grand opening sometime in the near future, possibly May or June!  I will definitely be attending and look forward to see some of my local readers there as well!  Come by and say hi!!! 

Buffalo Exchange with Sassy Gals Talk Shop
Do you have a Buffalo Exchange in your area?  They have 38 stores nationwide in 19 states and DC! Have you visited and did you find any cool signature pieces for your closet?  Let me know in the comments 😊

Buffalo Exchange 
1916 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, FL 33020
(954) 921-6589
Store Hours
Monday – Thursday 11am-7pm
Friday & Saturday 11am-8pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm

Show Buffalo Exchange some love 💘

Have A Beautiful Day! Lucy~~*

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