My First Stitch Fix! Was It A Hit or Miss???

My First Stitch Fix!  Was It A Hit or Miss??? blog title
Lately, I have been seeing so many clothing subscription services around!  There are some that cater to only plus size, some that cater to all body types, and some that cater to men as well.  If you follow me on social media, you know that recently I had the opportunity of going to the We All Grow Latina Summit in Long Beach, California.
Stitch Fix, a personal style service, was one of the brands at the summit so I had a chance to check out their services in person, and see some of the pieces in their new Havana line. I was also super excited to hear that they just launched plus sizes, and being a curvy Latina, this was music to my ears!  Keep reading to check out my experience with my very 1st Stitch Fix box!  Was it a hit or miss???

Let me break it down for you…Stitch Fix is a subscription service of styled looks just for you based on a style profile you put together on their site.  Each box comes with five pieces (clothes, accessories shoes, or bags) hand selected by your personal stylist!  The styling service runs $20 per box, and you can opt to get a box ranging from every two weeks to once a season. Once you receive your box, you have 3 days to decide if you want to keep or return anything.  Don’t worry!  It comes with a prepaid plastic envelope and all you have to do is drop it at the post office 📬
If you do decide to keep anything from your fix, your $20 styling fee is applied to the price of the item.  If you decide to keep all of it, you get an additional 25% off everything plus the applied $20 styling fee!  Not too bad!
My expectations for my first fix were not very high…I am super picky when it comes to clothing and I accidentally forgot to link my Pinterest board highlighting some of the looks I pinned from Stitch Fix’s Pinterest boards.  With that being said, let’s take a look at what came in my first Stitch Fix!
Stitch Fix Alice Blue Canfield Cold Shoulder Blouse
Stitch Fix Alice Blue Canfield Cold Shoulder Blouse tried on
First up was this Alice Blue Canfield Cold Shoulder Blouse.  The tomato red color was absolutely gorgeous🍅 but I am not a huge fan of button down tops because the buttons tend to pull in the boob area.  This fabric also isn’t very forgiving in that department as it doesn’t have any stretch or give to it.  I also prefer my tops to accentuate my curves a bit more and not drape as I feel that makes my midsection look big since the top just drapes straight down. 
I opted to return this top because I knew I just wouldn’t get much wear out of it.  The price wasn’t too bad at $38, but again, as I am also a thrifty shopper for $38 bucks I better be getting way more use out of it!  What do you think of this top??? 
Market & Spruce Benni Crossfront Knit Top
Market & Spruce Benni Crossfront Knit Top tried on
Next up was this Market & Spruce Benni Crossfront Knit Top.  I loved the color, as I can never go wrong with gray but I am not a huge fan of tops with no sleeves.  In my Style Profile I did indicate that I like having my arms covered, but my stylist, Tia, did say that I could pair this top with a cute denim jacket.  Living in South Florida I tend not to layer too much since it gets pretty hot & humid so I opted to return this piece as well.  The price on this top was a bit more than the Alice Blue top, at $44 but I did like the way it was fitted way more so I thought the price was appropriate.  What would you pair this top with???  

Nakamol Maybell Pre-Layered Lariat Necklace
The next item I received was this BEAUTIFUL Nakamol Maybell Pre-Layered Lariat Necklace.  I fell in love with this necklace the second I opened the accessory box.  I am not big on costume looking jewelry, and this was just so perfect, simple, and gorgeous.  Nakamol uses genuine stone beads in their pieces which was a big deal to me and I loved how this necklace could go from everyday to glam with ease.  
This necklace was definitely a keeper!  The $44 price tag was a bit high, but after applying my $20 styling fee I only paid $24!  I would say that’s a Stitch Fix win!!! 
Stitch Fix Just Black Brie Frayed Hem Crop Skinny Jeans
I was hoping there would be some really cool jeans in my box since I had watched a few unboxings and checked out some of the plus size ambassadors picks and jeans was a top pick!  The Just Black Brie Frayed Hem Crop Skinny Jeans are perfect!  
Sadly, I did not imput my correct waist size in my Style Profile so these fit just a bit too small.  I was able to get them on but it was not easy to breathe!  The material is perfect for us curvy girls with plenty of stretch and the material is super soft!  I loved that the whiskering detail was not too overpowering around the crotch area and I really loved the frayed hem.  They were also the perfect length for sneakers and heels so easy to go from baseball mom to glam!  The price tag is a bit on the higher end at $88 but if they are holy grail jeans, I think they would be totally worth it! 

Hopefully, the correct size is in my next fix 😉  Hint! Hint! Stitch Fix!!! 👖

Stitch Fix Kaileigh Maris Romper
The last item in my fix was this Kaileigh Maris Romper.  First off, I do not wear shorts at all, and rompers with shorts even less.  This item did not fit well and the material although light and soft, did not have any give to it so there was no way I was going to wear this, plus it was $48 which obviously would not be worth it for something I wouldn’t be wearing. Again, I think being my first Stitch Fix box, this was more of a learning opportunity for both Stitch Fix and me.  It is all about being specific and providing the best feedback on my experience so that they can make my next box even better.  
Personally, I think this box definitely set the stage for better style choices from my stylist and I am totally looking forward to my next box in mid-April!!! 📅

So tell me…What did you think of my 1st Stitch Fix???  Was it a Hit or Miss???  Let me know in the comments!!!

Have A Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*

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