My 1st Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up #GratefulNovember

My 1st Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up blog title
I am so excited to celebrate my 1st Vegan Thanksgiving this year!  I have been spending some (ok…who am I kidding…lots of time 😏) of time pinning recipes and watching You Tube videos.  Keep reading to check out my Top 🔟

This year we will celebrating Thanksgiving at a good friend’s house.  This means I am not really cooking a full meal, but I am bringing two dishes to make my vegan meal a little easier.  Plus, I know there will be a few items I can eat that she is making that are “accidentally vegan.” Yayyyy!  I also thought this would be a great post for the #GratefulNovember challenge…Check that out here!

My main priority was figuring out what my main dish was going to be while everyone else had turkey. After watching this video, I knew exactly what I wanted to pick up at the store.  P.S. This one doesn’t count in my Top 10👍  Keep scrolling!!!

Yep you guessed it!  I went with the Tofurky Holiday Vegetarian Roast & Gravy!  I can’t wait to try this..I have been trying a few different Tofurky products lately and have been loving them all.  I highly recommend their Spinach Pesto Sausages…so delicious!  This vegan roast comes with its own wild rice stuffing (already stuffed) and a separate container of vegan gravy.  I would definitely recommend getting two or more roasts for more than 4 people.  Looking at the size of the actual roast when I opened the box, I would say that comfortably serves two very hungry or three moderately hungry people…don’t forget about leftovers too!  Those are very important 🍲
My 1st Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up Tofurky Holiday Roast

I did a little digging on Pinterest for some recipes to dress up the Tofurky Vegetarian Roast a bit and found these that sounded absolutely delish…

Tender Roast Tofurkey with Balsamic Caramelized Onions and Tart Dried Cherries
My 1st Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up Florida Coastal Living Tender Roast Tofurkey with Balsamic Caramelized Onions and Tart Dried Cherries recipe
Herb de Provence Roasted Tofurky
My 1st Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up Meet the Shannons Herb de Provence Tofurky recipe
I am taking both of these recipes and creating my own hybrid because I’m missing some of the ingredients in each, and two, because I want the best of both worlds! 😉
Next up I wanted to bring a side dish to help keep my plate (and my stomach) full!  There were so many amazing vegan Thanksgiving side dishes to choose from.  I really wanted to go with a vegan corn casserole, you know the one…Its usually packed with tons of dairy products!  Unfortunately, I was not able to find a decent recipe online for this…I may have to work on my own, but I didn’t want to do a trial run before the big day…

I opted for my next favorite dish, vegan sweet potato casserole 🍠 I found this one on Pinterest…

Sweet Potato Casserole
My 1st Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up CupcakesOMG! Sweet Potato Casserole recipe
This is actually meant to be a Paleo sweet potato casserole..I think it might actually be “accidentally vegan” and I am about to de-Paleo it by adding a generous layer of vegan Trader Joe’s marshmallows under the Pecan topping 💓
I was all set with my two dishes, but of course, I wanted to share the vegan Thanksgiving love on this post so enjoy the rest of these videos and recipes!!!  All I’m going to say is keep scrolling if you are a fan of Vegan Pumpkin Mac & Cheese…oh yeah!

Who is ready for tonight???  What vegan Thanksgiving dishes will you be making???  Share your recipes in the comments! I love trying new vegan recipes!  

Would you like your recipe to be included in my Vegan Christmas Recipe Round Up? Just send me an email at 😘

Have a Beautiful Day! ~~* Lucy

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