Cruelty Free For You & Me Subscription Box Review

I absolutely love subscription boxes!  I have discovered so many amazing brands and products that I received in monthly or seasonal subscription services.  Some services have been hit or miss while others have really done an amazing job.  Cruelty Free For You and Me is up there as a great seasonal box and I love that it is goodies not just for me but for my furbabies as well!  Keep reading to see what I received in a sampler box from last season ❤ 

Cruelty Free For You and Me is a subscription service that provides high quality green beauty products for you and natural pet goodies for your furry friend.  The box is received seasonally so spring (now available), summer, fall, and winter.  My sampler box is an example of a few products from their winter box.  The box is curated by cruelty free bloggers and youtubers and costs $49.95.  I think this is actually a really great deal considering you receive 4-5 beauty products and 2-3 products to be enjoyed by your furry companion!
Cruelty Free For You and Me Subscription Box
I was highly impressed with the actual box as it is really cute and can be reused in a million different ways.  It is a very sturdy rectangular box with magnets in the lid to keep it closed, kind of like some eyeshadow palettes.  It also has a black cord handle for easy carry.  I am currently keeping my new products that I want to play with in here to keep me focused since many of them I will be reviewing on the blog.  I could also see this acting as a great little storage container for travel and even a box for an extra special gift.  I say extra special because I am a little greedy and don’t want to give up my box to just anyone, especially with that awesome logo!
Cruelty Free For You and Me Subscription Box open
The inside of the box is just as cute as the outside.  The products are cushioned with black paper confetti strips and it is all surrounded by the cutest tissue paper with doggie paw prints.  

Cruelty Free For You and Me Subscription Box products
Each box comes with an illustrated postcard with all the products in the box listed on the back.  I received a sampling of some of the products in the winter box so that is why you are only seeing four products.  The actual box comes with oh so much more!  Check out the card below for all the items in the Cruelty Free For You and Me winter box.  I also received a very lovely thank you card for trying out the service ❤

Cruelty Free For You and Me Subscription Box cards
The first couple of items that I want to share with you are the treats for my babies!  There were three items for our furbabies in the winter box…I selected the two treats because I knew the Haute Diggity Dog Chewy Vuiton Checker Bone would last all of 5 minutes with my rowdy bunch!  I expected to receive a small sample bag of each, but these were full size bags!  I love both of these because although I have big dogs, I love having little treats that I can reward them with throughout the day.  The best part is that these are so good for them I don’t feel guilty:)

Cruelty Free For You and Me Subscription Box doggie treats

What you don’t see is me behind the camera with the bag of treats!  They were eyeing the bag like hawks…lol!  They are so funny these dogs…The second I say treat they come around the corner into the kitchen and sit…That is Sam on the left and Star on the right.  The one you don’t see is Lucky ❤ We adopted him in November right before Thanksgiving…He hangs back until Sam and Star get theirs.

sam and star sitting for treats

Moving on the beauty products in my Cruelty Free For You and Me winter box, there were four full size products.  The first product I selected was the Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator.  I initially thought that it was just a toning and refreshing spray, but this touts some pretty amazing benefits…”plumps, firms, and increases circulation, reducing the appearance of facial lines immediately.”  Yes, please!  I am in love with this facial mist ❤  Living in South Florida, it can get hot & humid, and this really hits the spot.  I feel like it also does a great job diminishing the oiliness that creeps in throughout the day, and really does make me skin look supple and healthy:)

josh rosebrook hydrating accelerator spray

My 2nd beauty product was the Red Apple Lipstick mineral eyeshadow single in Violet Femme.  I love purple and this was such a pretty shade I couldn’t resist.  It isn’t a highly pigmented shadow, but it is easily built up and blends really nicely.  The Cruelty Free For You and Me spring box also brings a Red Apple Lipstick mineral eyeshadow, but in the shade, Siren…absolutely gorgeous!  These eyeshadows are allergen free, gluten free, paraben free, and most importantly, cruelty free ❤

red apple lipstick eyeshadow shade violet femme
I really enjoyed the Cruelty Free For You and Me winter box ❤  If you love beauty products and you have furbabies that you love to spoil, this subscription service is the perfect combination!  Which product would you be most excited to try???

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  I received the Cruelty Free For You & Me Box in exchange for my 100% unbiased feedback and review.  All thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

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