Southern Comforts – A Fragrance Line with Southern Charm

Fragrances, in my opinion, are some of the hardest products to shop for in the world of cruelty free beauty.  There are only a few viable options when it comes to high end perfume, and even less when it comes to a brand that can offer everything from body balms to hair serums incorporating their signature scents.  Southern Comforts is all that and a peach pie!  Keep reading to learn more!

Described as a fragrance line for the discerning adventurer, Southern Comforts was brought to life by a southern girl named Allison Solomon-Wales, that now calls California home.  Her goal was to bring all the nostalgic and welcoming scents of the South to everyone around the globe.  From lotions to fragrance oils, and even some goodies for the southern gentlemen, Southern Comforts makes it pretty darn easy to bring back the charm of smelling like a Southern belle.  Drum roll please!!! They are also Leaping Bunny certified (highest level of cruelty free certification worldwide) and they use only the highest quality vegan and cruelty-free materials ❤

Lucky me, I had the opportunity to test out a few of the SoCo signature scents, and I will tell you it was incredibly difficult to make a decision!  You would think narrowing it down to six scents would be easy, but no because they all sounded amazing when I first started exploring the SoCoFragrance Etsy boutique.  They also just opened up an online Shopify store to help you get your Southern Comforts fix!

So after some serious internal debate, I was able to narrow down my scent choices to the following:

Old Nashville Cowboys: Where are the cowboys and the home on the range? Bring them back with the rugged scent of leather, campfires, and adventure.  Notes: saddle leather, hay bales, campfires, sassafras

Charlotte Sunshine: Nothing captures the pleasures of summer like a cold glass of sweet tea with lemon and the warm, succulent scent of gardenia in the air.  Notes: Black tea, sugar, lemon wedges, gardenia flowers, gardenia leaves.
Folly Beach Follies: A cleansing and carefree run through a light sun shower, the cool ocean breeze and the beach grass along the dunes.  Notes: Light rain, sea spray, ocean breeze, warm sand, and dry grass.
Kentucky Harvest: Nothing says fall like a stroll through an orchard, letting the scents of the trees and cold earth envelop you, while ripe apples and pears fulfill promises of sweetness to come.  Notes: red and green apples, pear, tree bark, leaves, cold earth
Cthulhu in Carolina: Heed the call and unleash the Deep Ones, y’all. A wet, dark, and all-powerful fragrance.  Notes: seawater, wet sand, aged paper, book leather
West Memphis Sweater Weather: Fog rolling in over a Smoky Mountain cabin calls for a lazy morning with a sweet, creamy white chocolate mocha and your favorite fuzzy sweater.  Notes: white chocolate, coffee, whipped cream, toasted bread, French vanilla, wood, amber
The first five scents came in little vials that you can pop open and use the little applicator stick to blend on all your precious pulse points and take full advantage of the magical aromas!  This sampler pack is a great choice to explore the variety of the Southern Comfort scents without committing to a full size product until you are ready.  The last scent, West Memphis Sweater Weather came in a cute little tin that is great to throw in a purse of bag and take on the go.  Ready for this?  The cutest name ever!  Belle of the Balm body butter ❤ I have been known to pull it out during one of my son's baseball games when I forget to moisturize before leaving home.  Keep reading to get my thoughts on each of the individual scents!!!
I actually picked up the scent, Old Nashville Cowboys, for my daughter to enjoy because she loves cowboys and is a cowgirl at heart ❤  She took one whiff and was swooning!  It smells super rugged but with a hint of sweetness on the back end.  It almost reminds me of anise slightly…
Charlotte Sunshine is definitely one of my faves!  It’s sweet yet that citrusy tang helps to balance it out from being overly sweet.  I can picture myself sitting in a lounge chair in my backyard with a tall glass of iced tea and it smelling exactly like this!
Folly Beach Follies is a very clean scent with the hints of rain, beach and sand, but I also get a sense of almond before those start to settle in.  Once the scent starts to open up the other scents trickle in.
Kentucky Harvest reminds me of digging up the garden.  That cool earthy scent but then the very subtle apple & pear when you breath it in deep…very summery and sexy!
Cthulhu in Carolina is incredibly unique…so much so that it is hard to describe…I can definitely catch the old book scent, which I happen to love.  There is nothing better than walking into a used bookstore!  I also get the sea water and sand which makes this a very interesting & reminiscent scent.
Ingredients: Rice bran oil, fragrance oil
The Belle of the Balm body butter is a great all-in-one type of product.  Its ingredients are rich and hydrating which make it perfect as an emollient body lotion.  Trust me your skin will thank you!  It leaves my skin feeling oh so soft and the scent lasts forever…like literally it was the next day and I was still smelling luscious!  It also works well as a quick cuticle balm and even as a hair frizz tamer for those hot & humid days we have down here in South Florida!
The scent I received in this product was West Memphis Sweater Weather…and it is oh so delicious ❤ It is definitely a warmer scent with the notes of vanilla and amber but it definitely evolves as it lingers on the skin to richer notes of wood, coffee, and mocha.  I think this may be my favorite scent so far from Southern Comforts, but wait until I tell you about their new lines…That's right!  Keep reading!!!
Ingredients: Shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, avocado/coconut/sweet almond/grapeseed oil, soy wax, dimethicone, vegan isopropyl myristate, fragrance oil, phenonip (vegan preservative)
Southern Comforts currently has two new collections available as well: The Ten Duel Commandments, inspired by Hamilton, the Broadway musical  and the seasonal Spring collection.  Both collections are comprised of 10 new scents!  Each scent in the new collections is available individually in sample size (2ml) & full size (10ml).  The Hamilton Collection is also available in their Belle of the Balm body butter, and the Spring 2016 Collection is available in everything!!!
Hamilton Collection
(Photo Credit: Southern Comforts)
There are so many interesting scents in the Hamilton Collection, but just read this description and tell me it does not suck you right in!
Helpless: In which Elizabeth Schuyler falls instantly in love with Alexander Hamilton at a winter’s ball. The scent of a high-class party: tea cakes, champagne, floral arrangements, and fresh peaches imported from Georgia.

Spring 2016 Collection
Southern Comforts Spring 2016 Collection
(Photo Credit: Southern Comforts)
Just to wet your whistle for the Spring 2016 Collection check out this scent description!!!
Walking After Midnight: Jasmine, tonka bean, bergamot absolute, creamy vanilla.
“A scent that will inspire thoughts of dark Southern nights with the exotic scent of jasmine, interlaced with dark sultry tonka and vanilla, with a lingering fresh splash of bergamot.”

Well guess what???  It is your lucky day!  Southern Comforts is providing my readers a 15% discount using the code: LUCY15 
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