My Top 10 Cute & Cruelty Free Sweaters for Fall!

It’s about this time of year I start dreaming about the cute fall outfits that I probably won’t be able to wear but once or twice throughout the entire fall and winter here in South Florida.  While I happen to love living in South Florida and absolutely love the summer sun, warm waters, and salt air, I also happen to love all the goodies that come along with living the Fall life…as long as they are cruelty free! Check out Elisa Bini Brescia’s book, Your Cruelty-Free Wardrobe Book for a perfect how-to on transition your wardrobe to cruelty free if you are looking to make that switch!

From boots and scarves to sweaters and cute winter hats, every time I see a cute Fall outfit online or in a commercial I go green with envy!

This very thing happened as I was reading a blog post titled, “YOU NEED THIS AMAZING FOXY FOX SWEATER IN YOUR LIFE” on the blog, Dapper Animals (Living the Cute Life). After reading the post and watching the accompanying YouTube video, the title was right…I most definitely needed this sweater!  
You could say that this Too Foxy sweater from Brooklyn Industries inspired this post as I hit the cyber pavement to find even more cute sweaters!  Thank you to Dapper Animals’ Coco & Izzie for posting about your super cute sweater find!  My Fall sweater collection is about to get a little biggerJ  
This sweater is everything that is good about the Fall season!  I love the colors, and the way the red and teal of the fox pop on the burgundy sweater.  I am also totally crushing on Coco’s hat and shoes!  
Every mermaid deserves some time to stretch her legs before she heads back into the ocean!  Being that I love mermaids this sweater is just about perfect for me!
Yes I love Harry Potter and if I were ever to be a character from Harry Potter it would be Hermione Granger!  I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter of admissions to come flying through my windowJ
sammy dress-laciness-sweater
This sweater dress is just so flowy and feminine…I could totally see me wearing this with some opaque tights and some knee high boots!
How cute is this sweater?!?!  All it needs is matching ear muffs…because we really need earmuffs in South Florida…but for real, we need the ear muffs!
You knew there was going to be an owl sweater in here!  I love that this little guy is actually wearing glasses and has fluffy wings.  I feel like people would stare at me all the time when I wear this because I will constantly be stroking his little wings…LOL!
I love hearts, but not as much as my friend Jesika from Chocochica Cupcakes & Cakes!  She would totally love this sweater…but I love it too!
I’m not a huge fan of stripes but when I saw this sweater I thought it looked so wonderful and comfy.  I love the contrast of colors from red to brown to baby blue and how they all just work together so well.
This sweater pretty much sums it all up!  I would probably add some lip gloss to the equation thoughJ
I happen to be quite drawn to polka dots.  Not sure if it’s the whimsy or the youthfulness but I just think polka dots rock!  This sweater is more than just cute!  First off it’s pink, and it has polka dots, and it has a black & white turndown collar…perfect for work, lunch with the gal pals or date night!
What are you looking forward to bringing out of the closet to wear this Fall?  Let me know in the comments and snap a selfie wearing your favorite sweater!

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