Spring 2015 Cruelty-Free Top 3 Body Products

With Spring now over, there are so many amazing cruelty free products out there to try and fall in love with!  Well, Jessica from The Beauty Delicacy and I, Lucy at 2Gen Beauty, have developed a cruelty free beauty series to take the guessing game out of finding these great products!  Each week we will be focusing on a different area of beauty and sharing our Spring 2015 Cruelty Free Top 3!!! Follow the hashtag #crueltyfree #top3 to find our faves on Twitter and Instagram as well:)

Week 7 – Body Care Products

Our last week’s focus is all about body products, IE body wash, body butters & lotions, and body scrubs.  I LOVE body products but I feel like this category is one that is so underrated!  Our skin is our biggest organ and deserves to be treated as such…It should be lathered with wonderful bubbles, slathered with creamy butters, and exfoliated with just the right amount of grit to renew it’s radiance & texture.  These are my favorite cruelty-free body products!  ENJOY:)
I love the whole line of these ULTA Beauty Smoothies, but Creamy Cocolada is definitely my favorite (and their best seller), with Buttercream Cupcake being a close 2nd!  This body wash produces great lather and you don’t need a huge amount to get the job done.  I had no idea until I was picking the products for this post that it also contains antioxidant complex!  The best part is that ULTA is always putting their product line on sale, so be on the lookout for BOGO’s.  Currently they are having a Buy 2, Get 2 deal going on.  I will definitely be taking advantage of this deal; as you can see I am almost out!  
This body butter is just that, a body butter!  This is so rich and luxuriant!  I love slathering it all over my body as it leaves my skin feeling so incredibly soft, as it is infused with certified organic shea butter, cocoa butter, kukui nut oil and safflower seed oil.  The scent is also something I cannot live without.  It doesn’t dwindle away either, this scent lasts for hours!!!  I love rubbing this on my feet and putting on a pair of socks before bed.  When I wake up in the morning my feet are so smooth!  I have never tried any of the other scents personally, but my daughter loved the Coconut Lime and I am strongly considering the Tropical Mango as my next purchase.  These are also sold in different stores but I usually pick mine up at ULTA as they tend to go on sale frequently with their scrubs.  
About once a week I love to get my scrub on in the shower to get my skin feeling refreshed and turn up that smooth texture.  This body scrub is perfect!  It smells amazing…I love anything with grapefruit and/or citrus scents.  I just find them to be so refreshing, especially in a scrub, the citrus aspect makes me feel super clean!  I also love the grittiness quality in this scrub.  It is more than what you would find in a face scrub, so I definitely would not use it on the face (try their Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub).  I also love that this is a fairly local brand to me…I am in Hollywood, FL and they are in Port St. Lucie (about 1 1/2 hours away)!

 I hope you have enjoyed this series of cruelty-free top 3 faves!

What are your #crueltyfree #top3 body products???
Share them in the comments and on social media and don’t forget to hashtag!  I can’t wait to see what new brands & products I learn about thanks to YOU!

Have a Beautiful & Cruelty Free Day ❤

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