Spring 2015 Cruelty Free Top 3 in Eye Makeup

With Spring in full swing, there are so many amazing cruelty free products out there to try and fall in love with!  Well, Jessica from The Beauty Delicacy and I, Lucy at 2Gen Beauty, have developed a cruelty free beauty series to take the guessing game out of finding these great products!  Each week we will be focusing on a different area of beauty and sharing our Spring 2015 Cruelty Free Top 3!!! Follow the hashtag #crueltyfreetop3 to find our faves on Twitter and Instagram as well:)

Week 3 – Eye Makeup Products
Week 4 – Lip Products
Week 5 – Nail Products
Week 6 – Hair Care Products
Week 7 – Body Care Products

This week’s focus is all about eye makeup, IE eye shadow, brow helpers, eyeliner etc…This is probably my 2nd favorite category in this series next to skincare ❤ I think you may be surprised with some of my picks as they are not some of the typical ones you see out there as favorites, but these truly are some amazing products that I feel deserved some cruelty free blogger love! Enjoy!

I can’t remember where I learned about the Aqualillies for Tarte Collection, but as soon as I did I fell in LOVE!  I initially ordered the palette, the finishing powder, the lipstick, and the beautiful eyeliner you see below.  I have since run out of the finishing powder, and gifted the lipstick as it really wasn’t a great shade for me, but the palette and this eyeliner are still regular go-to’s.  The gel liner is absolutely gorgeous!  It is a swoon worthy turquoise shade with a golden sheen.  This is perfect for spring & summer as it is WATERPROOF!!!  Although this is an older collection, this eyeliner is still available and is only $14!  It is totally worth it because it will last forever.
With so many nude palettes out there, I really haven’t seen one with this range of shades without having to shell out a pretty penny or purchase multiple palettes.  The swatches below are one swipe with no primer.  I think what drew me to this palette initially was the packaging…I love the pin up and vintage vibe and the names are really cute as they all start with the letter “s”.  The shadows themselves are super pigmented and very smooth.  They blend easily and work well together to put together some great looks.  If you’ve never tried anything from The Balm, I highly recommend them as a makeup brand!
When it comes to my brows I feel like less is more.  I don’t mean in terms of the look I am going for, but definitely how much product I apply.  I threw caution to the wind one day and ordered this “pencil” from the Birchbox website, and it has become my daily brow fix.  It is easy to use, smudge proof, and is very natural looking.  It really isn’t a traditional pencil but a retractable point..no sharpening needed!  I know that there are some very popular eyebrow products out there but I don’t want to have to deal with a palette or a gel.  The Sumita brow pencil gets the job done easily.  I just use short strokes filling in my brows and when I’m done I just use a spooly brush to put my eyebrows in place.  Done!
Honorable Mentions
I couldn’t post about cruelty free eye products without sharing some of my overall faves…Check them out below!

What are your #crueltyfreetop3???
Share them in the comments and on social media and don’t forget to hashtag!  I can’t wait to see what new brands & products I learn about thanks to YOU!

Have a Beautiful & Cruelty Free Day ❤

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