The Resolute Beauty Blogger, January 2014

I never really thought that blogging would become so important to me when I first started in July 2013.  It was really something that I just took up for fun and to express myself.  Now I can’t even believe how it has turned into somewhat of an obsession!  Just kidding, but seriously…Blogging has filled a niche in my life that I was missing in terms of having something that was all my own.  My life, as I am sure it does very many of us, revolves around our jobs, husbands, family, etc…At some point down the line, I feel like a lost a piece of myself.  Blogging has helped me find that missing piece ❤

So, 2014 is going to be an amazing blogging year for me!  I just know it;)  My 2014 Resolutions are stepping stones along the way to help me become a better blogger.  I am sure those resolutions will evolve just as I will evolve as a blogger!

1.  Schedule & Post at least twice a week
2.  Focus on a blog series and stick to it, ie ipsy sneak peeks, unbagging, etc…
3.  Stick to any blog series I have committed to participating in…currently The Resolute Blogger and the 2014 Blogger Challenge.
4.  Create a signature and a grab-it button.
5.  Collaborate more with other beauty or fashion bloggers.
6.  Follow up on any & all leads I get for product reviews.
7.  Reach out to five brands a month to introduce myself and possibly become a reviewer.
8.  Attend more local blog events.
9.  Approach salon/boutique to co-host a blogger event.
10.  Figure out how to use SheSpeaks & iFabbo more effectively.

Why is being successful with your resolutions important to you?

Being successful with my resolutions is important to me, because I know that if I follow through I will only become a better blogger and open the door for my opportunities to partner with a brand, collaborate with other bloggers, and increase my followers.    I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful bloggers, both locally & via social media.  I know there are so many other bloggers out there I’ve never heard of and so many things to still learn about being a successful blogger.  My resolutions will help me figure things out along the way:)

What would being successful with your resolutions mean to you?

Being successful with my resolutions means that I was committed, focused and determined to become a better blogger.  Blogging has awakened something in me that I had lost for a while…Not because I was in a bad place, but because life took over and I was in auto pilot as a working professional, mom, and wife.  All of these are very satisfying components of my life, but blogging is all mine!  I don’t have to report to anyone but myself.  My success and failures are my own.  Sticking to my resolutions will mean I remained committed to focusing on myself:)

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