Spring 2015 Cruelty Free Top 3 in Skincare

With Spring in full swing, there are so many amazing cruelty free products out there to try and fall in love with!  Well, Jessica from eightythree posh and I, CrueltyFreeLucy, have developed a cruelty free beauty series to take the guessing game out of finding these great products!  Each week we will be focusing on a different area of … Continue reading Spring 2015 Cruelty Free Top 3 in Skincare

My Skincare Routine-2014 Blogger Challenge

So I think I am just as obsessed with skincare as I am with makeup.  I am very meticulous about my skincare routine and the products that I put on my face.  I am not married to any one brand or product, but I do tend to stick with something if it seems to be … Continue reading My Skincare Routine-2014 Blogger Challenge