Re-Awakening the Skin This Spring with Zion Health’s Glow Mask & Ancient Minerals Calendula Toner

Sometimes less is more…we hear this all the time! The last few years I have really started to peel back the layers, so to speak, on the products in my skincare, selfcare and makeup rituals💚 Less chemicals, less processing, less packaging…As long as products have great ingredients, great formulation, and there are great brands bringing them to the marketplace, I am all about taking them for a spin around my skin LOL🤣

Zion Health is very reminiscent of a brand that knows what their consumers want and are using quality, clean ingredients to produce some great products. My first experience with the brand was with their Deep Cleansing Scalp & Hair Scrub in Vanilla Coconut. If you know me, you already knew they had me at coconut! 🥥 When they reached out to ask about sending over a couple of products for editorial review, I was definitely interested to see how some of their other products performed. Keep reading to learn about this brand and how two of their best selling products have been performing for me and my skin ✨

The first thing I noticed about Zion Health is how it is very low frills. The website is simple and user friendly, their packaging is simple, nothing fancy…I especially love how they have pictures of their work family on their site! Check it out! I was really pleasantly surprised at what a large variety of products the brand currently has in their catalog. What this tells me is that Zion Health is putting all their eggs in one basket, and that is their formulation🙌 I can totally get behind that philosophy…I would rather a brand wow me with the formula, then with the bells and whistles. What I would like to see from this brand is sustainable packaging. While yes, it is recyclable, we have come to realize that recycling doesn’t work. We have to be smarter and produce less waste overall🌎 Oh! Did I mention they are also Leaping Bunny certified?!?!🐰

After careful consideration I decided to try their cult classic, the French Rose Clay Glow Beauty Mask and another beauty, the Ancient Minerals Calendula Toner🌹 Get 10% off these items with code LUCYV10 when you check them out online😉

All Zion Health products are made with a special type of clay called Calcium Montmorillonite, which helps to balance pH levels both on our skin and inside out bodies…This nutrient-rich clay is good enough to eat! Montmorillonite clay comes from California where the Desert Mineral Springs are clean and pure mineral water♨

Glow Beauty Mask with Firming Rose Extract🌹

I have been using the Glow Beauty Mask about once a week for a skin re-set and detox. I would go in with my mask brush and spread a nice even layer all over my face, especially focusing on areas where my skin tends to get a little congested or I have some large pores…my nose, the skin around my nose and nostrils and my chin. The directions say to leave on for about 10 minutes, but I noticed that for the mask to be fully dry, it takes 2-3 times that. This mask is safe for sensitive skin, but maybe extended time might be too much…You will feel a slight tingling. The last time I used the mask, I incorporated it with one my facial oils…OH…MY…GODDESS 💖 It was so beautiful! I highly recommend this product on its own, but I think it is also pretty amazing as an ingredient in a magic skincare potion for multi~masking or a multi~formulary all~in~one.

After washing off and patting dry, my skin felt clean, supple, vibrant, glowing…all the feels!!!

Key Ingredients

Rose Extract🌹 – hydrates skin and provides anti-inflammatory benefits for all skin types, antiseptic and astringent qualities help to cleanse and tighten skin, Antioxidant-rich vitamins and minerals prevent environmental stressors from causing collagen breakdown and skin dehydration, well known for balancing pH levels and reducing scarring for added epidermal strength and smoothness

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth – a gentle exfoliant that can remove dead skin, kill parasites and remove toxins, combined with other strengthening minerals, its high silica content, along with other strengthening minerals supports collagen and surrounding tissue to maintain firmness and youthful skin functions

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay – clarifies and de-stresses skin, resulting in stimulated skin cell renewal and an ideal pH, which helps to avoid toxins, infection and dryness

The Glow Beauty Mask also contains one of my favorite ingredients of all time – ALOE VERA🍃

Aloe Vera – penetrates several layers of skin at a fast pace to supply vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, antioxidant and antibacterial components help prevent free radicals, bacteria and other contaminants from building up and causing skin damage, teams up Vitamin E and amino acids to moisturize and build collagen, lessens the occurrence of wrinkles, dark circles, inflammation, dryness and overall skin cell deterioration

Hyaluronic Acid – a beautifying ingredient that attracts and retains an incredible amount of water, regulates moisture based on skin’s needs, combination of antioxidants and hydration helps to protect and plump skin for a smooth, glowing complexion

The list of ingredients goes on with glycerin, vitamins A & E, arnica, lime and bergamot essential oils, olive oil, cucumber extract and Indian gooseberry.

Zion Health Glow Beauty Mask Formula image

Ancient Minerals Calendula Toner

I have been using the Calendula Toner twice a day…in the morning, after splashing and patting off some cold water and in the evenings, after going in with a cleanser to remove my makeup any other environmental pollutant that may have made its way to my skin. It is a clean, simple formula that does what it says it is going to do! I go in with one of my reusable cotton pads and wipe it on all over my skin. It leaves is easily absorbed by the skin, and leaves no residue. I love how I notice when my skin really loves something when it literally drinks it all up😉

Key Ingredients

Calendula – soothing marigold flower extract, proven antiseptic and skin conditioning abilities to accelerate healing and avoid infection, helps enhance circulation and boost collagen production, offers protection against environmental factors, helps correct hyperpigmentation, illuminates skin

Witch Hazel contains plant compounds, which alleviate redness, irritation, and swelling, antioxidants prevent toxic buildup, astringent properties help to remove dirt and oil and tighten complexion

Sea Algae Extract – purifies with its array of amino acids, peptides, vitamins, and minerals, anti-aging nutrients fight off free radicals, build proteins, and increase cell renewal, omega-3 fatty acids balance and hydrate to smooth lines and wrinkles

Arnica Extract – used medicinally to ease pain and stress, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities aid circulation, fatty acids and plant compounds help preserve the skin’s structure and oil barrier

Salicylic Acid – anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal, soothes pain with acne and other skin irritations, offers breathability and softens by loosening skin cells resulting in tighter, more even skin

Magnesium Silicate Clay – gently cleanses and exfoliates to reduce irritation, control shine, and help skin better retain moisture

This toner also contains my fave – the OG Aloe Vera, as well as, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and of course, Calcium Montmorillonite Clay.

Zion Health Ancient Minerals Calendula Toner product image

Overall, I have had no disruptions with any of the other products in my skincare rituals and I have definitely noticed an improvement in the tone and texture of my skin. I think the two products working in unison, one daily and one weekly, have really been quite the dynamic duo and welcome addition to my current skincare routines.

Zion Health Glow Beauty Mask application progression image

I highly recommend checking out Zion Health if you are looking for some effective products, and with clean, beauty and simple formulas. Their mission, aesthetic and ingredients remind me of a holy grail brand you would see on the shelves of your local natural supermarket, Sprouts or Whole Foods. I am definitely interested in exploring more products from this brand. I hope you check out the brand as well!

Don’t forget! Get 10% off these items with code LUCYV10 when you check them out online😉

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