Woman Owned Indie Brand Spotlight + Get to Know the CEO: Chantal Azamian, MOTD Cosmetics

MOTD Cosmetics Vegan and Cruelty Free Brand Spotlight
As soon as I saw this brand popping up on my feed, I know it was going to be a force to be reckoned with 🖤 So just imagine how excited I was when the brand actually reached out to me to try out a few of their makeup brushes?!?! Since then, I have been a devout user of MOTD Cosmetics. I love their brushes, the quality is AMAZING and their are vegan and cruelty free.

I go into a lot of detail about the brushes themselves in my original blog post here, but I really wanted to focus this post on getting to know the #ladyboss behind the brand. Keep reading to learn more about Chantal Azamian, CEO of MOTD Cosmetics, as well as, her vision for this kick ass beauty brand!

1 – What was your inspiration for creating MOTD Cosmetics?

It came from a lightbulb moment I had while working on an assignment in college and also from my work experience. I’m targeting over 40% of women that don’t know what each brush is used for by providing descriptive memorable labels on the handles all while offering a cruelty free alternative to brushes made from fur.

2 – What did you do before MOTD Cosmetics and how did you make it happen for yourself?

I was a retail cosmetics girl working for a high end retailer and cosmetic line. At that time I had about 8 years of retail experience and just wanted more for myself. I resigned from my job and pursued school as a full time Marketing major with a goal of working for a cosmetic line as a Product Educator or Account Executive. I’ve always had a passion for beauty and teaching and knew I wanted to make a career within this field. But, it just so happened that my career goals took a turn where I now own a business.

3 – What keeps you motivated, especially on the daily, to continue growing your brand?

I’m not a quitter. Yes, I’ll burn out but not as bad as before. I just try to be mindful of the hours I put in and also balance between work and life. The other things that keep me going are seeing others using a product I created with feedback on how it impacts their life and/or beauty routines in a positive way. I love seeing the fruits of my labor and it’s genuinely seeing people enjoying the extension of my passion.

4 – Where do you see MOTD Cosmetics going in the future?  What is next?

Just a little hint 😉 You’ll be seeing the brand branch out into other areas that enhance our natural beauty, the products will of course be cruelty free and vegan. I’m super excited for it! It’s been two years in the making!

5 – If you could give any one piece of advice to a fellow indie brand owner, what would it be?

Slow and steady wins the race. Just be patient with yourself in the moments that you feel like you want to throw everything in your office out the window. Also, make sure not to burn yourself out and adapt a healthy work life balance because if you’re not doing well physically and mentally, it spills into all aspects of your life and your business as well. I’ll take more breaks, get in a workout, meditate, spend time with my pups, even if it’s for 5 mins it makes such a difference!

MOTD Cosmetics Indie Brand Spotlight

I even have a coupon code to share with you! For 15% off your order, use LUCY at MOTD Cosmetics, a vegan and cruelty free beauty brand 💖

Thank you Chantal for sharing so much about you and your brand, MOTD Cosmetics 💟

I am really excited to see what this brand has coming up in the future!  With the newest super successful launch of their faux mink lashes, MOTD Cosmetics has really solidified their spot on the beauty map 💗

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Have A Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*
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