Getting These Thighs Summer Ready at Physical Evidence Chiropractic & Cryoskin Studio in Boca Raton

Cryoskin Specialist, Brooke, at Physical Evidence in Boca Raton
Disclaimer: Services at Physical Evidence CryoSkin Studio were received complimentary, but opinions and experiences  expressed are 100% my own. 
If you have been reading this blog fairly regularly (which I hope you are 😉), I am a big fan of self care.  In my opinion, self care comes in a lot of different forms.  From masking on a Monday to a mani or a pedi on a Sunday, it is all about doing things that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside and out 💕  Recently, I had the opportunity to experience self care to the nth degree!  
I have been a fan of CryoSkin treatments for a long time…You can check out my Instagram highlights for a quick trip down my CryoSkin memory lane 🠞🚗 You can’t miss it!  It’s the highlight with a magic wand!!! ✨ I have been focusing on different toning treatments, and recently I also had the opportunity to get an adjustment from the one and only, Dr. D!  Keep reading to learn about the CryoSkin Studio in Physical Evidence Chiropractic in Boca Raton, FL 🌞 and how my thighs are thanking me for it 🤣

So I have been experiencing CryoSkin going on almost a year!  Brooke, the Cryoskin Specialist, over at Physical Evidence is one of the most amazing people I have ever met, and do I need to say she works magic with that CryoSkin wand?!?! I have tried the CryoSlimming and the CryoFacial, but my favorite definitely has to be their CryoToning!  This targeted treatment uses super cold temperature to increase microcirculation which tightens skin, boosts collagen production and elasticity, and best of all, reduces cellulite 💖

To give you the totally technical explanation, Cryotherapy causes vasodilation in the targeted area…what this means is that the cold temperatures actually dilate the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure.

While I have seen results immediately, specifically smoothing of cellulite, the results are even better a few days later.  The treatments are non~invasive, there is no skin damage, no discomfort and no recovery time whatsoever!  If I were to describe the experience, think a super cold massage ⛄  I will also add that these treatments are not long term.  Realistically, results can last about 4-5 weeks, and 3-5 sessions are recommended for the best results 👍

Getting my Cryoskin Thigh Toning Treatment at Physical Evidence in Boca Raton

Along with the CryoToning treatment, the CryoFacial and the CryoSlimming, were pretty special 😍 The CryoFacial left my skin feeling so glowing and refreshed!  Just check out my IG selfie 📲 I had to post when I got home that day and actually took a good look in the mirror.  According to Brooke, this is the secret behind everyone’s skin looking amazing at red carpets and special events 💃 

Getting My Cryoskin Thigh Toning Treatment at Physical Evidence in Boca Raton
The CryoSlimming treatment is probably the one I had the hardest time being disciplined with.  There are definite rules to follow regarding the first few hours following the treatment regarding food, as well as, increased water intake to help flush out fat and toxins through the lymphatic system 🚽 I don’t drink water…I know…I know…shame on me…but ugh I just can’t get into it!  
While I was at my last CryoToning treatment, I was mentioning to Brooke about the back and tailbone pain I had been experiencing due to a fall I experienced about a year and  a half ago.  She looked at me and said, “Why don’t you have Dr. David take a look at it?”  I had never really thought about going to a chiropractor…I am one of those people that has to be dying before I go to the doctor.  As a mom, I juggle so much that again, my own self care can sometimes take a backseat, so I usually just buck up and keep truckin’ along.     

Adjustment Table in the Treatment Room at Physical Evidence Chiropractic in Boca Raton
Well, let’s just say, that Dr. David Lipman, cracked me in ways I’ve never been cracked…ever…LOL!  He laid me down on his adjustment table (pictured above) and actually analyzed the position of my shoulders and legs and worked his own magic to get me back to a more aligned situation.  I would say that my overall discomfort, especially sitting on harder surfaces, was diminished, but it was not gone completely.  He did say it would take a few more sessions to really alleviate the problem altogether, so I think I need to keep making myself a priority 💎

CryoSuite Chamber at Physical Evidence in Boca Raton
OK so let’s talk CryoSuite!  I have never tried this, but it is definitely on my wish list over at Physical Evidence 😉 This 3-minute whole body Cryotherapy session brings temps down to -130 to -202 degrees F in what I would call a pretty exhilarating experience!  I have seen this machine in action and it just really looks so cool…literally! LOL!  This whole body cryogenic therapy helps reduce inflammation, relieve muscle soreness, and boost endorphins ✨ All I know is, that everyone I have seen coming out of that thing, has a permanent smile!

Are you looking to give Cryotherapy a try?  I highly recommend reaching out to Physical Evidence Chiropractic in Boca Raton, and visiting their CryoSkin Studio 💙 I am definitely hooked and I can’t wait to experience my first summer with a few CryoToning sessions under my belt 👙 

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