I Won’t Be Writing Any New Year’s Resolutions Ever Again + Keeping the Energy Flowing with Gratitude & Intention

Thank You
This past holiday season I was fairly disconnected from my blog…Should I have written a holiday guide…probably…should I have posted a few holiday looks…sure…but I didn’t!  Why?  I don’t know…Honestly it just wasn’t in me 🤷 My energies were focused on different things…planning time with family, visiting with friends, enjoying the holiday season with a mug of vegan eggnog 🍺😉 
Then in the blink of an eye the holiday season came  to an end, and I started thinking about putting together my New Year’s Resolutions, so I went back and looked at my resolutions from years prior.  Guess what?  I didn’t really accomplish a lot…I tried, but the ebbs and flows of life kind of took over and while it was a great year overall, if I looked at what I set out to accomplish I was basically a failure?!?! 

I am sorry but HECK NO!!! 😡 I had an AMAZING year!  So I vehemently decided that I will no longer be writing/setting any type of New Year’s resolutions.  Why would I set myself up for apparent failure if I didn’t hit the predetermined number of blog posts or didn’t join the gym like I said I was going to???  Nope…I am re~focusing my energy into keeping things flowing and really expressing  that gratitude for all the opportunities I am given 💗
SYFY TV Show The Magicians
Recently I was watching the last episode of Season 3 of The Magicians on Netflix.  If you haven’t checked this show out it’s a must for any lovers of The Librarians, Harry Potter, etc… This SYFY show had me at episode 1 so do yourself a favor and check it out 📺 Well SPOILER ALERT…in Season 3 they are on a quest to turn magic back on ✨ To do this, they have to collect seven keys and using them at what looks like a fountain in Blackspire Castle.  When they place all the keys in their keyholes and turn, water starts to ethereally flow as magic is once again restored.  Don’t worry I won’t tell you what happens next!  Plot twist! 

So that is actually what prompted me to rethink the way I was approaching 2019.  I won’t be writing New Year’s Eve resolutions ever again!  I am going to focus on keeping the energy flowing, expressing gratitude, and setting intentions to improve the quality of my life and the lives of those around me 💖

To really get this post started off on the right track, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the brands I had the pleasure of working with in 2018 🙏 Some of these brands I am still happy to say I will continue to work with in 2019, so you will see more of them on a regular basis! So with that being said, THANK YOU~THANK YOU~THANK YOU😘 
Consumer Reports
Best Buy
MOTD Cosmetics
Dimension Nails
Le Chic Beauty Lounge
Love, Sylvie
California Pure Naturals
My Favorite Hair Tie
Lime & Lotus Organics
Miami Dolphins
Living Earth
Eat Anzo
Kate Somerville
Pacifica Beauty
Holistic Beauties
Love Drop Apothecary
Seriously Fab
Vamp Stamp
Wrenn Polish
Banana Republic
Find Veg Love
Real Purity
KalVera Skincare
True Food Kitchen
Ditmas Kitchen Boca Raton
Cirque Italia
Harvey Prince
Surya Brasil

Ocean Waterfall

OK…now let’s talk 2019!!!

So I mentioned it at the beginning, and I will say it again 🠊 I will not be setting any resolutions or data~driven goals for this New Year…Instead I am going to focus on three things:
💖 Keeping the Positive Energy Flowing
💖 Expressing Gratitude
💖 Setting Intentions
To be honest, I am really looking at these as lifestyle practices…These three things are completely applicable to every aspect of my life.

Keeping the Positive Energy Flowing 💫

It’s just like that fountain in The Magicians.  Positive energy, which is most definitely magical, needs to flow…If not, well, the magic stops!  I really want to focus on making sure that I am never stagnant…or stuck in a rut.  I feel like being in that space could really lead to a build up of negative energy, which can affect us both emotionally and physically.

Expressing Gratitude 🙏

All of this positive flowing energy can be funfilling (it’s a Lucyism lol~not a real word…fun + fulfilling LOL), exciting, and to be honest, quite busy!  What I really want to make sure I never forget to do is give thanks and pay it forward.  I never want to leave any person, business opportunity, or situation, having taken without giving of myself as well.

Setting Intentions

Our mindset when doing something is just as important as the act itself.  Recently, I spruced up my bedroom.  I found a new bedding set, my husband DIY’d me a new vanity, and I set up a new Echo  Dot so we can actually make our bedroom a hangout spot/sexy sanctuary for my husband and I.  I also used rose quartz and sage to cleanse the space and verbally put out to the universe what I wanted my space to be.  This is probably the most powerful of my New Year practices 🔮
So what do you think?  Did you opt out of setting New Year’s resolutions and if so, did this post resonate with you?  I think that this type of mindset is really about putting things out to the universe and listening to what comes back…Let me know in the comments!
Have A Beautiful Day! Love, Lucy~~*

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