Indie Brand Spotlight – Living Earth Market + Black Pearl Teeth Whitening Powder

Living Earth Black Pearl Teeth Whitening Powder
Recently, I had a nagging toothache that called for an impromptu dental visit.  I’m a grinder, and I never wear my night guard.  I know…know…If I would just wear it my life would be so much easier! Regardless, the highlight of my appointment was being complimented on the color of my teeth by the dental assistant 😁 I wholeheartedly attribute this to using a teeth whitening product 💜
Lately, I have been loving the Black Pearl Teeth Whitening Powder from Living Earth Market.  I would just like to thank the brand for sending over this jar of goodness, along with their Vitamin C Serum, which we are going to talk a little bit about in this post as well 🍊 Keep reading to learn about Living Earth Market, their lovely goodies, and their sustainability model ~ I am all about a brand that focuses on their impact on the environment 🌎

Living Earth Black Pearl Teeth Whitening Powder
I must say I was a little scared the first time I ever tried an activated charcoal product for the purposes of whitening my teeth.  It just seemed so counterproductive, but I was hearing so many great things about it, I just had to give it a shot 🖤 Luckily, I had received a small sample a long while back in one of my Petit Vour boxes.  I tried it and I was instantly impressed!  Your teeth will be whiter 😀 Activated charcoal is no joke people!!!  My kids even confiscated my tiny little sample and were obsessed with the results themselves 💏

Fast forward to my experience with this jar of Black Pearl Teeth Whitening Powder from Living Earth Market.  While I can still remember and understand why someone would be intimidated by putting black powder on their teeth, I am going to give you a few tips to make the process super easy!

Tip #1 – A little bit goes a long way

Don’t overdo it.  Not because it will be a disaster, but because you only need a little bit to get the job done.  Do you really want to make a mess of black powder in your bathroom???  This jar is a whopping 30g and will last you a very long time!  Plus it’s only $20 😍

Tip #2 – Transition into it 

The easiest way for me to get started using this product was by dipping my toothbrush into it, and brushing my teeth as usual 💛 Heads up…I don’t dip into this large jar.  I actually put some product in a recycled sample size container from a face mask I think?  I feel like this gives me more control of the situation, plus I’m not constantly exposing the full size to air from opening and closing all the time 🌎

Tip #3 – Make it a 2-step process

So when I want to do a really deep whitening session, I like to use the powder on its own and really go to town.  I do like to use a little more powder in this instances, which does leave a tiny bit of residue when I rinse.  No worries, I just brush my teeth with toothpaste afterwards as usual, and then my pearly whites look perfect, well except for that tiny little chip 😉👍
Hopefully these steps will help make the first time you use an activated charcoal teeth whitening powder super easy!  Plus your teeth will look great too 💗

Living Earth Black Pearl Teeth Whitening Powder Selfie

Black Pearl Teeth Whitening Powder Ingredients

Activated Organic Coconut Charcoal – one of the strongest absorbents known to man, instantly removes stains, non abrasive, natural alternative to traditional bleach and chemical treatments; activated charcoal has a negative electrical charge, which attracts positively charged toxins to be absorbed by the charcoal…Voila! Magic ♥

Calcium Bentonite Clay – special absorption qualities, extracts harmful pathogens and absorbs acid-causing bacteria, provides remineralizing benefits and restores teeth

Organic Peppermint – natural odor control, works with sodium bicarbonate to kill odor causing bacteria, leaving a clean taste & feel

Sodium Bicarbonate (Aluminum Free) – SEE ABOVE
Living Earth Vitamin C Serum
Recently I have also been testing out a new skin care routine, and was able to incorporate the Living Earth Market Vitamin C Serum 🍊 I love using it to seal in my favorite facial oils!  This anti-aging formula uses 20% medical grade Vitamin C, and is meant to help remove wrinkles, fade age spots, and add firmness to the skin.  Vitamin C has also been shown to help prevent and treat UV damage, and act as a catalyst for collagen synthesis.
It has only been a few weeks since I started using this serum, so I cannot speak to the long term effects, but I do notice a brighter, healthier glow to my skin every time I use it ✨ I can also report that it plays very nice with all my other skincare products 💛
Herakut Mural with Mermaids in Downtown West Palm Beach
Herakut Mural in Downtown West Palm Beach
Herakut Mural with Mermaids in Downtown West Palm Beach
Herakut Mural in Downtown West Palm Beach

Living Earth Market’s Sustainability Model

From their site:
“Sustainability is the lifeblood of Living Earth. It shows in how we source ingredients and in how we develop our packaging. We factor in everything from our lids to our labels, always searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and become closer to our zero-waste, 100 percent eco-friendly goal.
Our glass jars are manufactured in the Midwest, and our fair trade ingredient partners are based throughout the United States. Ingredients that cannot be sourced from within America are purchased from U.S. suppliers dedicated to sustainable methods. We’re experimenting with PLA (plant-based) plastic packaging materials, and we’re also working to create biodegradable toothbrushes and other products. We are proud of our cruelty-free practices and organic ingredients.” 🌎
So tell me, what kind of teeth whitening products have you tried???  
Let me know in the comments!  
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