My Relaxing Wind Down Routine With Real Purity – Skin & Body Musts to Start the Evening Right

Real Purity Body Therapy Products
I think if I was going to describe myself, one of the things I would say is that I am a total creature of habit.  I find the routines in my life relaxing and centering.  They definitely bring a sense of balance to my hectic life of personal shopper, social media manager, mom, and wife.  Hey!  It’s hard to juggle all that! 😉
One of my routines, probably the most important one, is my nightly ritual. While being a personal shopper sounds quite glamorous I know, it can also be hectic and down right dirty.  LOL! I love to start my night cleansed of the daily grime 🛀 Keep reading to learn how Real Purity is helping me to wind down and how I like to start my evening off right 🌛

Real Purity Daily Facial Scrub
After all is said and done…dinner…dishes…baseball practice, whatever…I am ready for some me time.  I know you moms out there know exactly what I mean!  Every mom has their system that works for them.  Check out fellow blogger and mom, April Go Lightly, and her system for nighttime beauty

For me, my nighttime wind down routine usually starts with lighting some candles or melting some of my new wax melts and then jumping in the shower 🚿 

This is my time to slough off the sweat and grime from the entire day and prep my skin for my nighttime lotions and potions.  I love using a facial scrub daily, especially when it is nice and gentle.  Twice a week I do like going in with something with a bit more power, but I am really loving the Real Purity Daily Facial Scrub with grapefruit & citrus.  
This facial scrub is all natural and uses jojoba beads to gently exfoliate and grapefruit seed oil to clear away dead skin cells, impurities, and toxins.  This baby also has coconut oil, aloe vera, and mandarin oil for a really lovely experience 🍊
Real Purity Sweet Citrus Body Wash

So maybe TMI, but yesterday I totally forgot to put on deodorant.  

Not a good thing!  I get very sweaty and very stinky 😖 I was DYING to get home and get the smell of the day, literally, washed off my body! LOL! 
The Sweet Citrus Body Wash is another goodie I have really been loving from Real Purity.  Yarrow extract and aloe vera condition and moisturize the skin, while calendula oil helps to soothe any skin that is damaged and inflamed.  The blood orange essential oil provides a sweet and enchanting scent that really lingers until bedtime and beyond 😴 
Real Purity Dr. Rich's Magnesium Spray
So before I jump in the shower, you may recall I like to light candles or burn some wax melts.  Once I step out of the shower, my bedroom is now more of a sanctuary 💜 Before I apply any moisturizers or facial nighttime skincare, I reach for the Real Purity Dr. Rich’s Magnesium Oil Spray.  
Part of my job as a personal shopper is actually pretty physical.  I carry a lot of bags to and from my car to my clients’ homes, and I do get a lot of aches and pains here and there…the worst in my left shoulder.  I have been spraying this topical spray every night, anywhere I feel tense or sore, and man…WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  

Magnesium, know as the “calming mineral” helps to reduce stress, eliminate aches and pains, and encourage relaxation and sleep.  Basically a complete win in my book 👍 

The spray itself is almost completely odorless and absorbs quickly…paving the way for the rest of my body and facial skincare.  
At this  point, feel free to insert a good book/series on Netflix/a few good YT videos to watch, and a nice glass of wine and my night is set! 

So tell me…what does your nighttime routine or system look like?  I know we all have our little quirks and I love to hear all about them!!!

Have you ever tried anything from Real Purity?  I am really loving everything I have tried from this natural beauty brand 💖 Share the love and check them out on their siteFacebook and Twitter 😍
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post backed by Socialix and Real Purity.  I received these products in exchange for my 100% unbiased feedback and review.  All thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

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