Ditmas Kitchen & Cocktail in Boca Raton, FL – Perfect Spot for Vegan Eats

Ditmas Kitchen Boca
Photo Credit: Ditmas
OK so if you and I are social media friends, you know I love food…specifically vegan food!  I am always keeping my eyes and ears open for restaurants that don’t make it an impossibility to have a satisfying vegan meal. Well, did you know that kosher restaurants are a perfect spot for vegans to find some great food!
Chef Alex Reznik, an alum of Top Chef DC, has brought his culinary talent to Boca Raton.  Ditmas Kitchen & Cocktail, named after the street where Chef Reznik grew up in Brooklyn, is completely kosher.  The menu is pork free, shellfish free, and dairy free.  These “restrictions” make it so easy for vegans to find menu items that cater to their lifestyle!  Keep reading to check out my very first, and definitely not last, meal over at Ditmas in Boca 💚

So I am super lucky to have a blogging sister that loves food just as much as me!  Dawn, owner of  Simply Sassy Style, and I tend to enjoy the same types of restaurants as she is dairy free and soy free.  You can check out our adventures over at Sassy Gals Talk Shop, where we just go with the flow and enjoy food, shopping, coffee, and fashion together.  
So of course, if I’m going to Boca, you know she and I are going to hang out!  She joined me at Ditmas, and you can check out her meal right here 🍝🍰

Ditmas Welcome to Florida Salad

I kicked off my completely kosher and completely vegan meal with the Welcome to Florida Salad…mixed greens, heart of palm, mango, orange cherry, tomato, almonds and citrus honey vinaigrette.

In order to veganize it, the restaurant substituted the citrus honey vinaigrette with a peach and citrus concoction that was amazing and so light in flavor and texture!!!  Since peaches were available, they also added some sliced peaches onto my salad which really made the flavor pop.  
Don’t be afraid to ask to speak to the chef!  This is the best way to make sure that any substitutions are made appropriately.  This is not the time to ask for forgiveness instead of permission…When the chef knows, you are in way better hands 😊
Ditmas Fun Guy Tacos
Next up I had to try the Fun Guy Tacos 🍄 Get it???  Fun Guy…fungi…LOL Anyways, these were awesome 🌮 

Fun Guy Tacos – Assorted Mushrooms, Kennebec potatoes, kale and avocado aioli

Simply ask for fresh avocado slices in lieu of avocado aioli as it is made with mayonnaise.  I would definitely order these again, because I love mushrooms, but I may ask for some type of sauce to add some moisture to the dish.  Honestly that peach dressing from my salad would have been great on these 🍑
Ditmas Bowtie Pesto with Veggies

This Farfalle with Vegan Pesto & Veggies is not on the menu but it is definitely always available!!! 

Having spoken to the chef regarding vegan options, he told us about the Farfalle with Vegan Pesto and Veggies.  This was a really flavorful & savory dish.  Normally a pasta dish usually weighs me down, but this one was actually not heavy at all.  The pesto really adds that special something.  
The veggies were also super fresh and I loved the variety.  So I rarely cook my veggies as I really love for them to be nice and firm.  These babies were cooked to perfection!  I loved the combination of the yellow squash, red onions, carrots, and broccoli.  You can tell it isn’t definitely not the frozen mixed vegetables out of the bag that you get in most places 😣
I ended up taking half of this dish home for dinner because I really wanted to enjoy a vegan dessert 😏 

Ditmas Creme Brulee
You know vegan desserts are REALLY hard to come by in a regular run of the mill restaurant.  Lately, I have come across some pretty great vegan desserts, this creme brulee included!  I tried to get the “no egg”secret but he just wouldn’t budge 🤷 

Vegan Creme Brulee

This dessert is up there folks!  So creamy and delicious…I ended up taking home half of this as well to complete my takeout dinner.  If you’ve read a few of my posts you know I am a fan of taking home leftovers…It’s like eating at the restaurant twice!!!  

So tell me…Have you had the pleasure of enjoying a meal at Ditmas???  Let me know in the comments!  What has been your favorite item on the menu??? 

Show Ditmas some love and check them out on social media 💖📱
Have A Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*
*Disclosure: This experience was provided to me for editorial consideration by Ditmas, in cooperation, with Take A Bite Out of Boca & Beyond. All opinions are 100% my own.

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