The Perfect Post Holiday Diet Detox – Healthy Vegan Media Tasting at Fit Foodz Café in Boca Raton

Fit Foodz Cafe hero shot
I know we are all feeling it…the food comas are in full effect this holiday season AND it’s only just the beginning.  It is so hard to stay on track with healthy, or at least semi-healthy eating with all the family dinners and friendly fetes.  Finding a place that makes it delicious and easy really hits the spot.  Plus, why not get started on your healthy eating goals a little early?!?!
Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a media tasting at Fit Foodz Café in Boca Raton, Florida.  Thank you Take A Bite Out of Boca for the invite 😘 Keep reading to see all the healthy vegan deliciousness I had a chance to try at this gem of a cafe in South Florida 🌞

Fit Foodz Café is an innovative and delicious concept specifically designed to meet the needs of those who desire healthy, quick and tasteful options. Fit Foodz Café offers a variety of menu options to satisfy even the most discerning pallets, yet with a fraction of the calories, cost and spending no time in the kitchen! The Fit Foodz Café menu is designed for people looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and includes gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and Paleo options. Fit Foodz Café offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert; fresh made juices and smoothies; dine in, take-out and catering; food made fresh daily with the highest quality ingredients; menu developed and approved by a nutrition consultant; and weekly packaged meal plans.”
~~~Fit Foodz Cafe website
Fit Foodz Cafe storefront
If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life this dish might have to be it 🥑 These Avocado Bowls were sooo good!  On the menu you will find that they do come with feta cheese but just hold the feta for a completely vegan dish.  Delicious simple ingredients and jam packed with nutrients to help get the body back on track.  Did you know avocado helps improve digestion, naturally detoxify, and are heart healthy??? 
Avocado Bowls
Up next was the Power Bowl 🥗 This was so good and really reminded me how much I want to create some make ahead buddha bowls at home.  The flavors worked so well together and again with the avocado!!! 💗 #avocadosforlife There were so many elements that I loved to this Power Bowl…the natural saltiness of the pistachios with the sweetness of the dried cranberries were an excellent combination, plus the roasted chickpeas (a personal favorite) really made for a hearty dish.  This is usually served with Fit Foodz Café’s SUE-per sauce (vegan) but today I enjoyed it with a balsamic vinaigrette.  It also comes with goat cheese and a hard boiled egg but just say no for a fully vegan dish 😉
Power Bowl
Served alongside the Power Bowl, I had the opportunity to try the Quinoa Fried Rice.  Yep!  You read that correctly!  A healthy fried rice that totally hits the spot when it comes to craving Chinese takeout.  Simply ask for no egg whites to veganize and enjoy!  This is a great alternative for that takeout fried rice without the MSG, high sodium content, and saturated fat…PLUS quinoa is packed with tons of protein and fiber 💪

Quinoa Fried Rice
My final entree was two versions of Harv’s Healthy Pasta…one with zoodles (zucchini noodles) and another with whole wheat spaghetti 🍝 I have never been much of a fan of zoodles, because I am not much of a fan of zucchini.  Whole wheat spaghetti on the other hand, hello!  🙋 This was a really delish pasta dish with mushrooms (my fave veggie/fungi), artichoke hearts, asparagus, roasted garlic, tomatoes, and spinach.  This pasta dish was definitely a fave!
Harv's Healthy Spaghetti with Zoodles

Harv's Healthy Spaghetti
And of course, we can’t forget dessert!!! Yes you read that correctly!  Dessert in a post about healthy vegan dishes, and a few baked goodies no less! When I saw the desserts roll out I thought I was done.  We all know vegan desserts can be few and far between, especially at an eatery that isn’t necessarily completely vegan.  Well folks, you may want to sit down for this!  Everything in the picture below was vegan…and DELICIOUS!!! Don’t tell but I literally packed up two of the chocolate mousse cups to go and enjoy from the comfort of my Netflix and chill armchair.  
Hands down the Chocolate Tofu Mousse Cup was my favorite, as chocolate mousse was a major fave from my non-vegan days.  The Chocolate Chickpea Brownie Bites and Peanut Butter Chickpea Blondie Bites were also quite yummy and moist and I could totally envision them warmed up with a scoop of vegan ice cream 🍨 
The Carrot Cake Cookie Pies and the Confetti Cake Cookie Pies, both with vegan vanilla frosting were totally Instagram worthy and just as yummy!  When these came out on their own platter, I think everyone at the table had the heart eyes emoji 😍 #instagramworthy LOL 🤣
Vegan Dessert Options
And of course one of the best things about a media tasting is meeting up with other blogging buddies!  Dawn from Simply Sassy Style has been my ride or die blogging sister since our beginning blogging days so I always enjoy spending some time and catching up!

Cruelty Free Lucy and Simply Sassy Style
I really hope you stop by Fit Foodz Café if you are ever in the Boca area 😊 If you are lucky, you may even have a chance to meet Susan Klein, owner and mastermind (hence the house SUE-per sauce).  I had the chance to chat it up and I absolutely love supporting a small woman-owned local South Florida business 💚
Show Fit Foodz Café some love and connect with them! 
Have you ever been to Fit Foodz Café?  Let me know in the comments!  What was your favorite dish on the menu???
Have A Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*

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